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5 Bedroom Storage Ideas

Day 26 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele
It’s funny, because I was talking to a friend of mine at a party the other day and he mentioned that he read my post on kitchen storage and he said that it made me sound pedantic, and for want of better words, anally retentive. ‘Your house isn’t like that.’
I agreed, my house is certainly not immaculate. I have a fridge magnet that says, ‘A mind is a terrible thing to waste on housework’. My neighbour gave it to me and you don’t earn a magnet like that with a perfect home.

The Stepford Wife

If I gave the impression that I was aiming for some kind of Stepford wife status, my apologies. On my deathbed, I doubt I’ll be lying there thinking about how imperfect my home was. The probability is that I will be thinking of all the people, love and life that happened within these walls. Hence, 30 Days to Love the Home You Have is supposed to be about creating an easy and relaxed home that you love. Immaculate is very time consuming and only for those families with more stamina than this one.
It’s just that after many years of having lots of guests in my house (sometimes we have eleven humans and two dogs for a couple of months at a time), my aim is for it to be as efficient as possible, so we can all spend the minimum time cleaning.
If everything has a place, then people know where to put it and you can find it when you need it or at least you increase the probability of this happening. I think of it like a business, if you have all the systems in place, people can get onto the interesting work quicker.
Speaking of which, the time has come to tackle the store pile you created during the Great Sort . I really like using the cardboard boxes with the lid from the fruit shop, because cardboard ‘breathes’ making it better for storage than plastic. If the boxes will be visible, I wrap them with some paper to make them look purdy.

1. Storing extra clothes and deterring insects

Fold and store similar things together. You can do the same if you’re storing your seasonal clothes. After, buying less clothes over the years I don’t do this so much, but I do have my swimwear in the same size box as the gloves and scarves, so I can switch them out easily.
To deter the insects, I put some whole cloves in a little cloth bag with a couple of sprigs of lavender and some drops of eucalyptus oil. Shannon Lush recommends using pennyroyal oil (not if you’re pregnant), but I have never tried it.

2. Sorting the wardrobe

Clothes last longer if they’re hung rather than folded, except for knitted items, so I try to hang as much as I can. Good coat hangers will help too. Wooden ones are the best and will last a long time. I’m not advocating people rush out and replace all their coat hangers, but if you do need to replace coat hangers, then it is probably worth paying the extra money to help your clothes in the long run.

3. ScarvesScarf storage

I store scarves on coat hangers too. The fancy pants scarves get a whole hanger to themselves and the more run of the mill are looped on a shared hanger.

4. Shoes

There are so many storage options for shoes to fit all sorts of spaces. I just fitted a shelf into the bottom of my wardrobe and I am really happy with that.
5. Boots
To keep my knee- high boots lasting longer, I store them with the kids’ floating pool toys often called, noodles.Boot storage
Cybele x
Scarf storage

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  1. Love the way you’ve stored the scarves and what a fantastic idea to use part of a pool noodle to keep boots lasting longer!

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