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5 Easy ways to cut the heating bill

Cut the heating & a sheepskin slipper giveaway

by Cybele

1. Stop the drafts

Draft excluders and door snakes are your friends. Drafts can be responsible for 40 percent of a home’s heat loss and they can be pretty easy to fix, even in old creeky houses like ours.
Draft excluder is a fancy way of saying, foam, rubber or furry tape. It’s available from hardware stores and you cut and stick it to the frame of opening windows and doors.Draft excluders
The humble door snake can do wonders for gaps at the bottom of doors. Although trying to stop a toddler from using it as a puppet can be challenging.

2. Heavy duty curtains or blinds

Glass is lovely to look at, but it loves to transfer heat. So if you’re trying to keep the heat in or out, thick curtains or blinds will make a huge difference.  They’re great for keeping the heat in for winter and out on ridiculously hot summer days.

3. Timers on heaters

Provided your heater is safe, you can make sure the forgetful ones in the household don’t waste energy by using timers on all the heaters.  Set them to start half an hour before you get up in the morning and turn off before you head out the door. At night, set them half an hour before you come home and off before you go to bed. It’s so nice to come home to a toasty home and avoids the temptation of running the heaters a full blast.

4. Leave oven open after you’ve finished cooking

There’s no reason to waste all that heat. Just let it out after you’ve finished with the oven. This is particularly nice in open plan spaces.

5. Ceiling fans

If you have a ceiling fan, find out if it has a winter setting. Many have a switch on the body of the fan. The idea is it slowly rotates in the opposite direction to summer so that the blades push the rising hot air back down.
The bonus tip and my personal favourite:

Keep your feet warm.Fireplace

This may sound trite, but my sister-in-law shared this secret and it works. She won’t turn the heating on until everyone in the family has their sheepskin boots or slippers on, because we feel toasty if our feet are warm. It’s worth investing in some good quality tootsie warmers. You won’t have to turn the heaters up as high.

Sheepskin Slipper Giveaway

Our lovely sponsors at Canterbury Sheepskin are very serious about keeping feet warm  and they are giving two of our readers a pair of sheepskin slippers.  You can choose from Casey ($122.69 USD) or Chris ($109.06 USD). Screen shot 2013-07-09 at 8.50.58 PM
 Entries have closed! Thank you to all those who entered.



How do you like to keep warm in winter?




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  1. oooh my tootsies are cold 24/7 🙁

    Great tips.. never knew about the fan!!

    #TUST visiting

  2. This winter I’ve discovered I feel warm if I’ve got a beanie on as well as having slippers on.

    Did you know that door snakes are also handy for keeping mice out if you live in an old queenslander?

    I popped in from Blogs and PR.


  3. *In our home we keep warm by ensuring we have socks or slippers on,
    *We always have a warm milo/hot chocolate prior to going to bed,
    *Wheat bags or hot water bottles are put in our beds prior to bed time so that when we go to bed our beds are nice and toastie.
    *I always have the heater set to warm the house up half an hour before we get up in the morning.
    Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  4. Despite the fact it’s not really very cold here on the Gold Coast, I keep warm by wearing those UGLY bed socks, great to skid around on the tiles, but I also use blankets. A waste to use heaters, kids have flano sheets!
    Love the oven open idea – I’d do it if I thought I could keep my 1.5 year old from climbing in it!! Em xx

  5. Iv never thought of keeping the oven door open before, thats a good one! I keep warm by putting my uggies on they are knee high and so worn in I could do with another pair 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  6. Living in cold dreary London the best tip I have for keeping warm is ‘wear layers’ even inside. We all has house cardigans/jumpers, as well as tootsie warmers there is nothing like wrapping your favourite old cardy around you to keep warm and cosy.

  7. Hi Cybele
    I tried to subscribe to your newsletter but the submit button is missing. I’m having probs with mail chimp this morning if that’s who you are with.

    Great winter heating tips. I always think of it as about 12 weeks in Sydney to be endured. We keep warm with a lovely gas log fire, but we got the cheaper model and it in no way heats the whole house, so I shut every door in the hope of making the heat go further.

    I love those sheep skin slippers. My dad was in the wool industry his entire life so I am an absolute convert.

  8. Even though it doesn’t get too freezing here, I also like to leave the oven door open after I’ve finished cooking. Some great ideas here! 🙂

  9. We keep lots of blankets on the couch for snuggling and keep all the doors closed inside if we’re only using and heating one room. Love the oven door idea, I should have done that tonight as my feet are still freezing!

  10. We keep warm by snuggling under our handmade crochet blankets!

  11. if you put socks on under your ugg boots you feet will stay much warmer, plus they stop your slippers getting wet and smelly.

  12. We replaced our old gas heater and it has made such a difference. Also I close windows around 3.30pm just as the chill starts in the air and then close curtains not long after that. We have rugs on our couch for added warmth and we just grin and bear any cold after that. It’s a quite long winter down here in southern VIC.

  13. I learned most of those as a kid in rural MI. Here, in our tiny apartment, our bedrooms are not very well heated, but the kitchen & living room are hot! So, sometimes we set a floor stand fan in the hall, to pull the heat into the bedrooms. Hot water bottles in the beds, and multiple comforters, warm socks, & slippers to help us get around with the cold drafts at the floors. (our bunny chews up the door snakes!)

  14. I love a good old fashioned shawl for keeping warm in the house. It’s like a cozy blanket that you wear! And warmer than a sweater because, like a blanket, it makes use of your body heat.
    That said, sheepskin slippers sure would help as well! (Hint,hint 😉

  15. We love to build a roaring’ fire in our fireplace., We have our recliners next to the fireplace., we listen to the pop and crackling of the wood burning and the coals as they fall to the bottom of the wood pile. I wrap up with my favorite fleece blanket, and I surf the web with my laptop. And of course, a large mug of chocolate flavored coffee topped with Reddy Whip’…..Ohhhhh whata, night !

  16. Great Advice! I love that you wrote to leave the oven door open after baking… I have a ton of memories from when I was little, where we would all crowd around and warm our hands! We also love our flannel sheets and put our warmed up beanies in before bed, but I am a slipper fanatic! I’m excited for this chance as I’m a “Wicked Good” slipper fan (from LL Bean) and would love to try out a new brand! They look cozy!

  17. Appreciate this post. Will try it out.

    Here is my homepage – sheepskin clothing

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