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5 things I’m loving this week

A breath of fresh air has swept through my soul this week. How are you feeling? Do you feel better once you’ve wrestled decisions to the ground and made up your mind about something? I do.

It can be important to sit with a decision no matter how uncomfortable. I was at a crossroads about this blog. Do I keep doing it as a fun and lovely hobby or do I step it up? The answer came from you, my lovely readers and all your support. This told me that the time has come to step it up. So, watch this space and please do let me know what you would like to have more of.

In the meantime, here are some things I’m hoping might make your life a little bit more beautiful with out costing the earth.

1. Natural bristle washing up brushes. They’re so pretty. Washing-brushesYes, last week it was my natural bristle brooms, but I’m really excited about slowly weaning our home of unnecessary and ugly plastic. I was lucky enough to stumble on these washing up brushes for $4.50 and $7.95 at the fancy grocery store Essential Ingredient, but you can find them in fun corners of the Internet, like Biome and Amazon.

Do you have a favourite non-toxic or eco-friendly dish washing liquid that smells yummy?  Those of you who have seen my round up of all my favourite homemade cleaning products might remember how my homemade dish washing liquid caused marital disharmony. I’d love to hear what your favourite is, because I’m still looking around.

2. This book, ‘Holiday at Home’, by Jason Grant is gorgeous and I love, love, love Mr Grant’s approach to creating a relaxed and lovable home.Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.57.31 pm

3. Epsom Salts. Every home needs some. They’re just an awesome way to relax the muscles and soothe tension without too much effort, put a spoonful in the bath or in a body scrub.Homemade body scrub Please don’t pay too much for them. I was cranky when I saw them for sale for nearly $20, because they were in a fancy tub. Your local pharmacy or chemist will have them for a couple of dollars in some boring packet that look gorgeous in a mason jar.

4. These three salad recipes, but the beetroot is my favourite. Beetroot is always my favourite.Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 11.54.55 am

5. Morning meditation. Meditation is a funny thing isn’t it? All the studies say it’s a good thing to do. You start doing it and nothing happens, well nothing ground breaking and it feels like you’re doing it all wrong, because you’re off thinking about the weather, your shopping list and what your ex-partner is up to all these years later and suddenly you’re down a rabbit hole of thoughts.

If you’re struggling with meditation, I want you to try this every morning for a month, really try. Set your alarm ten minutes earlier than you need to be up. When it goes off, sit up in bed and hit the snooze button – woohoo! Snooze! Well kind of. Close your eyes and focus on the feeling of the breath passing over the top lip, lick your top lip, as this will make the sensations more obvious. Notice all the little details. Is it cool, warm, ticklish, etc? If you find your mind wandering, lick your lips again and keep concentrating on how the breath feels until your alarm goes off.

If you fall asleep don’t worry, at least you had a few minutes of meditation and over time, you’ll be less likely to fall asleep. The important thing is to notice how you feel after. Those precious few moments can make a big difference to your day. After a while of training your brain to focus like this you can try fancy things like meditating in beautiful spots, like the beach. Enjoy!Big-sky-weekend

What are you loving?

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  1. Loving this! And your site. So glad I stumbled upon it.

  2. Love love love your idea of meditating in bed first thing. I do this at night, but hadn’t thought of doing it in the morning. In the morning, I had to get up. Seriously, this will be revolutionary.

    I love the timber brushes, but put of buying them due to their prices. Meanwhile, I replaced all our sponges with old cut up towels (different colours for different spaces and hemmed for easy washing). Now, I don’t find the need for brushes. My cloths are enough.

    Thank you for sharing this with #thankfulthursday xx

    • You are so good to hem your cloths. I’ve just been using the pinking shears to cut the rags up to slow down the fraying, but one day I’ll get my sewing machine out, I promise! I agree the brushes are expensive, but I was spending quite a lot on sponges and they’ve been a great way to wean off the pot scrub sponge, but I hope one day we’ll be in your boat and not even need the brushes x

  3. I love meditation. I like to think when I struggle with it and my mind wants to wander off that I am probably needing the stillness, quiet and solitude it gives me most. Wishing you a beautiful weekend Bele xx

  4. I am so trying this meditation hun and I for one cannot wait to see where you take this gorgeous space of yours next. Now WHEN are we doing coffee? xx

  5. Gah! I am the queen of ugly plastic kitchen thinga-me-jigs. The brushes are lovely.

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