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Your Best Hair Day Ever

Brazilian Hairstyle

My mother-in-law LOVES my new Brazilian hairstyle. I’m sure you’ll be almost as surprised as I was about this, but when I arrived home this weekend showcasing my new streamlined look I think I impressed her just a little (see here for Part One of the “Mother-in-Law Diaries”). Actually, I think she liked my new look even more than my husband.

You see my problem has always been rather wild, thick dark hair, that is curly at the best of times and turns into a giant frizzy yak impersonator (or should that be im-yak-ator?…) at the slightest hint of humidity.

Now then, I love to grab a beauty bargain wherever I can BUT I certainly don’t mind paying a pretty penny for something that is going to reduce my grooming time to practically zero minutes, and result in a gorgeous, shiny effect that I can’t stop stroking. It makes getting ready these mornings a joy, and all the time I would’ve spent engaged in follicular warfare I can now dedicate to other more pressing tasks (like searching for photos of “Gypsy Weddings” on Google Images).

Call me a card-carrying Brazilian convert. And here’s why:-

Straighter Hair

The treatment won’t make your hair pin straight- which is only disappointing if you yearn for the poker straight over-ironed look of 2001. It removes most of the kinks but leaves a pleasing naturally straight look with a tantalising hint of body (which incidentally is the same direction given to Ricky Martin by his first manager but I don’t think he was talking about hair…)

Smoother Hair

You will have smoother, shinier looking hair that sits better than ever before, even in nasty humidity. And you WILL go to the ball my pretty one.

Less Prep Work

Hair takes less time to dry, and your blow-drying and hair ironing sessions will take about 97.6% less time than they did before. If you do feel so inclined to style yourself some curls or waves, your hair will still pleasingly consent to this.  Ok, ok, tell me you realise by now I am talking about my actual HEAD HAIR here, and not my lady garden? You see, the pun worked for the opening paragraph, but now I’m afraid I’m warding off any future Victoria’s Secret contracts if I continue with this theme…
Long-Lasting Results

One single treatment lasts on average around three to four months, but you can still see results for up to 6 months in some cases. Provided you follow the aftercare instructions (which include using a mask made from crushed up new-born moth antennae- I jest, I JEST, for longest results use the shampoo and conditioning products recommended by your salon.). And this way you should only need to have the treatment twice a year maximum, oh alright, three times if you’re lazy and loaded.

Other Important Information
  • Do your research on salons that offer this treatment and ask for a consultation before committing to anything .
  • Prices can vary somewhat as will the products used in the treatment. Don’t forget to ask how much the after-care products will be so you can factor this in to your budget.
  • The Keratin straightening system- which is the one I used- doesn’t use the chemical formaldehyde which is found in other methods known as Brazilian straightening. One never knows when Damien Hirst may decide to preserve his ego in one of his artworks so it’s my contribution to The Arts as well as one little thing I can do to help conserve our globe’s formaldehyde stores in the meantime (double brownie points, yes?). Instead, natural keratin taken from sheep wool is infused into the cuticle of each hair strand, which is then bonded in place using heat from a straightening iron.
  • The straightening process takes a long time- at least 2 to 3 hours. If you have a small child this will be somewhat akin to going to a remote but luxurious resort for a week, all alone, no phones or internet, no interruptions, just you, a cocktail filled coconut and a head-massaging man. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yeeeeeesssss. Oops- now, where was I? Ah yes, it takes a few hours. You will need trashy magazines, your iPod and- if you are Chris Hemsworth preparing to resume the Thor role- at least 2 Tupperware lunchboxes worth of turkey burgers, hold the bun.

Long-haired lady friends far and near- believe the hype and rejoice- the Brazilian TRULY IS one of those life-changing treatments!


About Jo McCay

Miss Jo’s beauty product love affair began with her first chap stick at age 7. Her passion for face painting is rivalled only by her unwavering support of the daily hardships faced by Hollywood celebrities. It is through her undying commitment to devouring all available Hollywood gossip that she is truly able to assist these needy people. Her interests include laughing at funny animals on YouTube with her daughter, convincing her husband that “It’s not new, I’ve had it for ages”, and “Stars Without Make-up” magazine segments.

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  1. I don’t really want my hair to be straight but I would like it to be smoother and shinier.

  2. Jo, I want to hear you report back in three months! 🙂 I’m interested in having it done but a couple of friends said that three months later, hair felt dreadful & dry. Thoughts (question to be answered down the track…)?

  3. Caitlin, I must admit sometimes I miss my curls after the Keratin treatment so crazy as it seems I will style them back in with my hair iron. You can get a smooth and shiny effect without Keratin by applying a small amount of hair oil in the mid lengths of your hair (I love Moroccan Argan Oil- you can get this from a Chemist, or Moroccan Oil from hair salons) then sealing it in with a hairdryer or hair iron (I love using my GHD hair iron- can’t live without it!). The hair oil is not overly oily and washes out easily.

    Lisa, this is the second time I’ve had the Keratin treatment. I have really thick fluffy hair (English Sheepdog breeders would kill to have this hair on their show hounds!) and my hair responded really well last time, no noticed dryness. But I think it may depend on the chemicals used, which I understand can change between salons. Good idea to check out this question at your salon of choice. I had mine done at Toni & Guy and was surprised that the soft and smooth effect lasted for a good 6 months. Because I wasn’t torturing my hair anymore with hair irons or hairdryers (well, I still used them a little bit but no where near as much I needed to before the treatment) I’m guessing that may have helped with this.

    I am not sure if I’m imagining it, but this time my hair doesn’t seem as poker straight after the treatment (which I kinda prefer anyway) so I will keep you posted with an update in a few months on how my haor survives this time around. A sudden drastic chop may mean bad news! 😉

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