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Affordable ways to hang art

 by Cybele
I love having art on my walls, whether it is by an artist, a found object, something my son made or a print to remind me of a favourite exhibition.
The problem is it can be quite expensive to have things framed. It is definitely worth the expense if you’re hanging an amazing artwork, but sometimes a quick and affordable DIY fix is perfect.
Below are my favourite cheap and cheerful ways to ‘frame’ art. The vintage school map style is great for big, preferably laminated, posters, while the coat hanger is really fun for little prints and the like.
I particularly love the coat hanger frame, because it is a cheeky way to upcycle old wire coat hangers. I will definitely be making a lot more of these as I replace all my coat hangers with timber ones.
If you would also like a little guidance on how to hang your art Apartment Therapy have a great post on how to hang framed art here.

The ingredients you need to make the vintage school map style

Map or other poster
Strong glue (I bought mine from the hardware store)
Wire or string strong enough to hold the weight of your poster and the wood combined
Two round or triangular dowel rods, the width of your poster with about an inch or two centimetres either side (that means 2 inches or 5cm extra for each rod.) It is not essential to have a flat edge on the round dowel (like mine in the picture), but it does make it a bit easier. I bought my timber at a local specialist timber hardware shop nearby and they were able to run the dowel through the thicknesser (this is what they called it the mean looking cutting machine.)
Saw and sandpaper (or the shop you buy the wood from may be able to cut it to size for you)
Optional: wood stain, polish, etc

How to make your own vintage school map:

1. If you are staining or polishing the wood, now is your moment.
2. Cut your wood to size and sand if needed.
3. Try and recruit an assistant for the next task, particularly for big posters. Lie the poster face down and sit the timber under a long edge. Glue the entire length of the dowel. Position and attach the poster.
4. Hammer the upholstery pins at equal distances apart along the poster edge.
5. Repeat 3 & 4 along the other edge and allow to dry.
6. Hold poster in the spot you wish to hang it to check the length of string or wire you will need.
7. Sit the wire or string in place and hammer with upholstery pins.
Yay! You’re now the proud owner of a vintage school style poster.

The coat hanger frameCoathanger feature copy

The ingredients you will need to make a coat hanger frame

Wire coat hanger
Spray paint
Gaffer/Gaffa/Duct tape or basically any strong adhesive tape in the colour you like

How to make the coat hanger:

1. Spray paint the coat hanger (or ignore this if you don’t want to change the colour)
2. Measure the length of tape needed, cut a neat edge and lie flat, sticky side up
3. Sit the lower edge of the coat hanger in the middle of the tape and check that it is sitting straight.
4. With the poster face down, line the top edge of the poster up under the coat hanger and press down. Fold the tape over the wire and stick to the back, top edge of the poster. Run your finger along the top to get rid of any bubbles.
Cybele x
What are your favourite ‘artworks’?

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