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How to arrange flowers and so much more

Love the Home You Have-front of house-day four

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Do you love having flowers in the home, but can’t quite justify the expense all the time? John Mangila has the answer to your dilemma and no, it’s not fake flowers.
You see, if you’re like me and just spent the weekend in a cloud of dust, sorting and cleaning, you want to finish the space off with something beautiful like flowers. But they can be pretty expensive for something so short lived.
Let me introduce the ridiculously talented John Mangila – florist, stylist, photographer and extremely lovely man. I was lucky enough to meet John while we were working at Home Beautiful Magazine together and have admired his dreamy Instagram since.

John’s tips to create stunning and affordable arrangements:

1. Play! Be creative and think outside the square.
2. Less is more.
3. Look at what you already have on hand and celebrate the everyday, elevate the ordinary.

Go Single

You can never go wrong with a single bloom in a bud vase or weathered bottle. They’re simple, elegant and perfect for bedside tables, bathrooms or any small spaces that need a pop of nature.

Go Green

Bring the outside in with just a few stems of luscious greenery. Foliage is a great way to instantly freshen up a room and can last for a couple of weeks or longer.

Go Fruity

Fruit is a fun way to decorate, as it appeals to all our senses. It doesn’t always need to be placed in a bowl. It works just as well casually placed on top of a pile of books. Look, smell, touch, then eat!

Go Twiggy

Sculptural branches add texture and drama to your home. Look out for fallen branches at surrounding parks or during council clean up days.

Go Dried

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A lot of flowers will keep their shape if you let them dry naturally as they die in the vase. You can then hang them upside down until they dry completely. They become subtle and ethereal reminders of the beauty of nature.
Truly, John’s Instagram feed is something to follow.
Tomorrow is a project day and time for me to paint that corner… Is there something you want to tackle?


Bell x

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How do you make your flowers and friends count?

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  1. I love the dried flowers idea! (Sorry for my last comment, got too finger happy)

  2. That twig arrangement is stunning. It’s detailed but not overly busy looking, exactly the kind of aesthetic I like. Time to go foraging in the garden!

  3. I’m a huge fan of green AND twiggy. The girls are always bringing some kind of nature in from the bush or yard and into a vase it goes. x

  4. Love this and now I’m off to check out the rest of this series!

  5. Bele, I never knew you worked at Home Beautiful…. Your a girl of many talents! Do love flowers in the home, they a full of such cheer. I am going to follow John on a Insta too, he sounds my kind of guy. Rx

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