Baby bath wash

by Cybele
We’re on the final dash until another little person arrives in our lives. It’s a surreal feeling looking at the empty car seat, vacant bassinette and stacks of nappies, trying to absorb the fact that those things and our lives will be very full soon.
This baby bath wash is the latest in my prep for the grand arrival. Babies don’t really need much to clean their skin. Some people argue that water alone is enough, which may well be true. However, everything that goes in babies seems to come back out, which can be quite irritating for their skin if the residue is left on there and water can also be quite drying for little ones. Prior to six weeks, I will just drizzle a few drops of  jojoba or coconut oil in the bath and use this bath wash after that.
The beautiful thing about making a baby bath wash is that you can get the balance just right. The trick is to keep it really simple.
As I talked about in the baby wipes post, if you’re happy using an essential oil, I would suggest choosing chamomile OR lavender oil, because they’re renown for being gentle and soothing. However feel free to simplify and not use any essential oils. Same goes for calendula oil. I have a bit of a thang for it, as I mention in the bot bot cream post because it has worked so well for me, soothing and healing irritations, but a good quality and baby friendly oil will do the moisturising trick.

Baby Bath Wash Ingredients:Baby bath wash

1 drop essential oil, either lavender or chamomile (optional)
¾ cups of a skin friendly oil, like macadamia, sweet almond, jojoba or calendula
¼ cup liquid Castille soap or another baby friendly liquid soap

To make the baby wash:

Combine all the ingredients in a sterile pump or squeeze bottle and mix well. Label with a list of ingredients and a use by date (be guided by the used by date listed on the oil container, otherwise aim to use within six months).

To use baby bath:

Best to use after the baby is six weeks of age and test for irritation on a discreet spot before use. Prior to six weeks, you can drizzle a few drops of a baby friendly oil in the bath water.
Dissolve ½ teaspoon in the baby’s bath water. This quantity can increase as the baby and bath size grows. After the bath lather bub with your favourite oil and sneak in a massage if bub’s up for it.
Cybele x

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  1. That’s awesome. I can’t wait to my new cousin arrives

  2. Hi lovely lady, thank you. We’re very excited x

  3. That list of ingredients is so much better than commercial baby wash! I’ll be filing this recipe away for the future 🙂

  4. Too true, it’s a bit weird the ingredients you find in some of the commercial products. I guess they do it to keep the costs down and profits up x

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