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How to make a baby mobile

by Cybele
And so it begins… Making the first gift in the homemade Christmas series.
I started making these felt baby mobiles as gifts a couple of years ago. The inspiration came when my lovely and ridiculously creative cousin gave Heckle a colourful butterfly mobile when he was born and he loved it. And I loved it because, hanging above his change mat, it was the perfect diversion to make changing nappies easier.

The birds and the bees

These mobiles can be made in various shapes from stencils like these birds, butterflies and stars.

Babies love high contrast

The other reason I started making them is because I learned from Heckle’s physiotherapist that babies love black and white or high contrast. Yet, most of the mobiles I see in the shops are pastel colours with not much happening when you look up at them from the baby’s perspective. This means they may look pretty for adults, but they’re not that interesting for babies.
You can choose any colour felt to work in any scheme, however I would like to demand *stamps foot* that you use one very dark colour or black and one very light colour or white. This will provide the interesting bits for the baby. The rest of the colours you can choose to keep the parents happy.


I found this guy who sells wind up musical boxes that just hook onto the mobile, so it will rotate and play Brahmns Lullaby. Gold! It keeps a baby entertained for ages and ages, as tested by our bub. I have to say it was hard for me to add that link for the musical boxes, because I am VERY annoyed with Ebay International at the moment – long story – but that has nothing to do with the guy selling his musical boxes.

Homemade baby mobile

How to make a baby mobile

IngredientsHow to make a baby mobile

Felt in assorted colours
Cardboard or very thick paper
A stencil like one of these: birds, butterflies and stars (ignore antennae and beaks or anything too fine)
Tailors chalk or permanent marker
Craft coat hangers or bamboo skewers
Fishing line
Thick needle

How to make the baby mobile

1. Outline the stencil on the cardboard and cut out. Draw an outline 1/4 inch wider than the stencil on to the card and cut out. Use this bigger cut out and draw an outline 1/4 inch wider and cut out. You should have three cardboard cut outs of birds, each 1/4 inch bigger than the other.How to make a baby mobile
2. Trace around the cardboard shapes on to the felt How to make a baby mobile
and cut out.
How to make a baby mobile3. Glue the largest and the second largest pieces together (not the smallest at this point). Allow to dry if you have the time.How to make a baby mobile
4. Mark the central point. A good way to test this is to balance the piece on a needle.How to make a baby mobile Thread the fishing line through the central point and tie a knot. I used a bead to hold the fishing line secure, but any little scrap piece of plastic would be fine too.How to make a baby mobile
5. Glue the smallest bird cut out over the knot.How to make a baby mobile
6. Screw the coat hangers together or tie the bamboo skewers together in the middle.How to make a baby mobile
7. Gouge a slit in the coat hanger with a knife How to make a baby mobile Slot the fishing line in and tie a knot, according to the height you would like the birds to hang from.How to make a baby mobile
What are you making for Christmas?
Cybele x

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