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DIY beauty station tutorial

As an ex-beauty therapist and make up artist, I’ve always had way too many of those pretty little tubs, tubes and pots promising me the world. Yeah, yeah, I only use the same five products all the time, while everything else sits there developing complex eco systems, but I will use them one day, surely. Or maybe not.

Last year, I took out everything I hadn’t used for a year, packed it in a box and stored it on top of my cupboard to see what I would miss. I didn’t pull that box out once. Damn. Not once. Hmm…
Now I’m the proud owner of a box of lonely make up bits and bobs. I’m thinking of just keeping the containers for all my homemade goodies. At least, my unloved perfume worked really well as home fragrance.
The most interesting part of this whole exercise is how much less I spent on make up over the year and yet, feel a lot happier with what I own and use.
It’s not very sexy or ground breaking, I was just a lot more careful with my purchases and banned myself from buying make up online unless I had tried it before. Yes, I was that kooky looking lady with the mirror outside the front of the store making sure the foundation colour looked right in day light, instead of just buying a cheap one and hoping it would work. I didn’t buy any lipstick straightaway, but walked out of the store to see if I liked it enough to go back. I did, once.
What do I own, now? 1 mascara, 2 eyeliners, 3 lip liners, 2 lip sticks, 1 lip gloss, 1 lip balm, 1 eyebrow pencil, 1 foundation, 1 bronzer powder, 1 blush and 1 eyeshadow palette. That probably still seems a lot to some people, but this was just what I had my travel bag before. Everyone is different. What are your must haves? Can’t live withouts?
Owning this small amount makes it easier to keep it all clean.
1. Sharpen pencils, wipe down the eyeshadows and lipsticks with a tissue.
2. Wash brushes and sponges in hot soapy water, rinse with vinegar and again with water. Flick to speed up the drying. For the regular washing, just swish in hot soapy water, rinse and store, bristle up.
To celebrate (and ease the pain of withdrawal) I made a new make up storage wall to sit inside my bathroom cupboard.
My neighbours threw out the lid of a wine crate and inspired this whole thing, but any scrap piece of timber would do. Same for the lipstick holder along the bottom. I used an old beaten up piece, because I liked the texture.

DIY beauty station

DIY Beauty Station ingredientsDIY beauty station

Wine crate lid or piece of timber
Piece of wood 1.5 x 1.5 inch x length of wine crate lid
3 old jars
3 ring grips (size of jars) from the plumbing section of the hardware
3 screws and bolts
A range of drill bits to suit container sizes
Drill (you will need an electric/battery one – I had to give up on my hand drills)
Medium sandpaper
Sand (optional – you will end up with a little bit of sand around the place I’ve discovered!)

How to make a beauty station

1. Cut the timber to fit the length of the wine crateDIY beauty station2.  Sand all the timber and edges. I wanted to keep the texture so I only did a light sand.DIY beauty station3.Line up where to put everything. Make sure it’ll be easy to take things in and out of the jars.DIY beauty station
4. Measure and mark the drill holes.DIY beauty station5. Choose drill bits.DIY beauty station6. Drill and yes, I ended up having to use our electric drill, my beloved hand drills just didn’t cut it …DIY beauty station7. Hammer the drilled piece of timber to the wine crate lid.DIY beauty station
8. Measure and mark the drill holes for the jar holders.DIY beauty station9. Drill hole in the wood.DIY beauty station10. Drill into the metal ring. It’s a lot easier to do it where the little slits are in the ring, as you can kind of stretch the holes.11. Attach ring with screw and bolt.DIY beauty station12. Attach wire if you’re hanging the beauty station.DIY beauty station
12. Fit the jars and fill with sand (optional.)BC-fit-jarHave fun putting all your beloved goodies inDIY beauty station


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  1. It really is a beautiful bit of work babe. It even LOOKS completely organised now!

  2. That looks really amazing. It’s time I clear out my makeup draw. I only use pretty much what you have listed, so why do I keep the old stuff anyway?

  3. I absolutely love this!! I’ve been looking for some sort of DIY makeup display…and it’s perfect!

  4. This is above & beyond the perfect set up for making your time getting ready for whatever occasion (work, date)so simple, quick & easy so you can actually enjoy adding all those final touches that starts your day out feeling great, stress free and confident!!! My granddaughter is really into this type of organizing all her items @ the young age of 13!!!!

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