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Bedroom rethink

Love the Home You Have –day twenty one–bedroom

by Cybele
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I just want to write TWUE LUB for those of you who saw the Princess Bride and for those of you who missed the movie all those years ago it translates to: TRUE LOVE with a speech impediment .
It’s true, we want to love everything in our bedrooms.  Fill the room with lurve people! What does that mean for you? Pink fluffy slippers, swinging chandeliers or a collage of anti-snoring tape? This is the place, if no where else, you want the real you to flop out.Bedroom-storage-2

Getting started

Write a list of things that you love and ideas that strike. Take lots of photos for two reasons, it’ll give you a different perspective on what your bedroom looks like and you’ll have a record of the improvement when the job is done, as it is easy to forget.
If you have time for a project this week, choose one thing to do that is relatively easy and will make you smile when you see it. You need to be able to do the project in a couple of hours.
Write a list of supplies for the project.


Gordon and I are switching cupboards to see if that works better for us and I really need to go through my clothes with a fine tooth comb. Pregnancy seems to do crazy things to the wardrobe and I’m not planning to have any more bubbas, which makes me a little bit sad even though it’s what I want, so it’s time for a big sort out.
What are you thinking of doing?

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  1. Our bedroom needs a total revamp! Clothes, books piled everywhere! And the lighting! So harsh and…fluro!
    If I’m going to start anywhere with changes, it’s to get some “mood lighting” (and a bit of Barry White ;))
    So lovely seeing you on Saturday! x

  2. Yay for mood lighting. It makes such a difference. So lovely to see you too x

  3. Well, well, well I started this morning and sorted out all the baskets of clothes that have been piling up. Does that count? It makes me feel better that’s done. Other updates I’d like but won’t be done in a week are a king size bed (we have a queen currently) and I have a photo of this amazing retro built in bed head with shelves, drawers lighting etc. It’s glorious and I want it. Perhaps I could always make some calls and get some quotes for a custom built one, then I know what we’re looking at to work towards.
    P.S – It was so wonderful to see you at ProBlogger, you are just the most gorgeous thing ever. I hope your voice has returned.
    Big Love.

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