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Day 22 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele
[pic credit: one of the many drool-worthy photos on Kjerstislykke]
I just want to write TWUE LUB for those of you who have seen the Princess Bride.  For those of you who missed the movie all those long years ago that translates to: TRUE LOVE with a speech impediment .
It’s true, we want to love everything in our bedrooms or at least in an ideal world we do.  Fill the room with lurve people! What does that mean for you? Pink fluffy slippers, swinging chandeliers or a collage of 3M anti-snoring tape? This is the place, if no where else, you really want the real you to flop out.

Getting started

Write a list of things that need a bit of love, ideas and big dreams that strike. I use the following headings: Maintenance, Ideas and Wish List. Take lots of photos for two reasons. It will give you a different perspective on what your kitchen looks like and you’ll have a record of the marked improvement when the job is done, as it is easy to forget. I find before and after photos really motivating.
Choose one thing to do that is relatively easy, is important and will make you smile when you see it. You need to be able to do the project in a couple of hours.
Write a list of supplies for the project. Can you get what you need in time? Or do you need to reconsider and do something that you already have what you need?

Cybele x

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