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Beetroot Lip and Cheek Stain

I spend a lot of my life with food on my face and I love it. My approach is slightly different to my toddler’s… His is, ahem, creative, whereas I like to pretend mine is more strategic.

You see, I’m a bit disturbed by the idea that we eat 3.2 kilos or 7 pounds of lipstick over a lifetime, about the size of a newborn baby. Now that I’m declaring my Beauty Independence for the next six months I’ve had to forgo the shop bought fire engine red lipstick and pretty my lips with food, because I am what I eat and all that…

Fresh beetroot stain

The simplest all natural lip and cheek stain is a slice of fresh beetroot. I keep a beetroot in the fridge and slice off a small piece and rub it on my lips and cheek in the morning. For something more portable, I use the lip stain recipe below.

DIY Lip and Cheek Stain | Blah Blah Magazine

Lip stain supplies

The lip stain is perfect for days when you want a hint of colour. The other great thing about making your own is that you can adjust the level of colour to suit you by adding more or less beetroot powder. It also makes a lovely gift.

Beetroot powder is available from online soap making suppliers or you can have a go at making your own. It is pretty fiddly, but I find it quite fun and oddly therapeutic.DIY Lip and Cheek Stain | Blah Blah Magazine

You’ll also need a sterile roller-type lip gloss container or a medicine syringe. From a hygiene point of view, a medicine syringe (available from most chemists) is one of the best ways to store and apply the lip stain, but I get that it lacks romance and could look a bit, vampire-like, but if you can get past the strangeness of it, it is one of the best. Either way, a syringe is also the easiest way to transfer the stain from the pot to the container.

I can’t give you an exact shelf life, but I generally keep this in the fridge and pop in my handbag as I head out the door to prolong the shelf life and make a new batch every couple of weeks.DIY Lip and Cheek Stain | Blah Blah Magazine

Beetroot lip and cheek stain recipe

3 teaspoons beetroot/beets powder
3 teaspoons vegetable glycerine
30ml/1 fl oz roller lip gloss container or medicine syringe

Take a double boiler or stainless steel bowl over a saucepan and fill the bottom saucepan with water and bring to a gentle simmer.
Whisk beetroot powder and glycerine in the bowl or top of the double boiler, stir until all the lumps have dissolved and leave to cook over a gentle simmer for half an hour.
Take off the heat and allow to cool.
Using a medicine syringe, pour into the sterile containers.
Label with ingredients and date.
Test on a discrete spot before use.

This recipe was originally in Alexx Stuart’s fabulous Lo Tox Living e-course, but so many of you were asking for the recipe, so I thought I’d share it here too.

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  1. The thought of ingesting lipstick the size of a newborn is now making me feel a little uneasy!! Seeing as how beetroot always stains my fingers when I’m peeling it and preparing it for a roast or in Mr TT’s juice, a beetroot lip stain makes perfect sense! So clever Bele xx

  2. thank you! It’s a scary isn’t it c

  3. this homemade beauty thing certainly has a lot going for it because you are so radiantly beautiful in real life.

    And now you are blushing so you don’t need that beetroot stain 😉

    I love this idea. Definitely going to try the cut beetroot as a simple tip, just brilliant.

  4. Hi that’s great how long would be the shelf life ? Please reply thanks:)

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