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In the beginning there was the bathroom

Day 15 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

Shopping with a three year old can be educational. The other day I put some toilet paper in the trolley and Heckle said, ‘It’s for wiping the bottom.’ I said, ‘Yes,’ and headed to the check out to pay. He was clearly enjoying informing me of the usefulness of the various things in the trolley, point out that the bananas were for eating and milk was for drinking. As I put the toilet paper onto the conveyor belt he informed the lady, ‘It’s for wiping the poo.’ Without batting an eyelid, she said, ‘Yes, it is.’
Well, that leaves me in awkward spot to start talking about bathrooms doesn’t it? I might just pretend that didn’t happen and move on…
To me, an ideal bathroom makes us forget about all the bathroom ‘business’ and reminds us that it is a little retreat from the world, a space to ourselves.
What are your relaxation triggers? The things that remind you of favourite holidays, nature or beauty. For me, a beautiful scent is important and some rocks from the beach Gordon proposed remind me of that beautiful place. Make sure you have something to remind you to relax and take a moment.
Write a list of things that need a bit of love, ideas and big dreams that strike. I use the following headings: Maintenance, Ideas and Wish List. Try not to get stuck in straightaway and start cleaning and moving things around, but hold back, as today is about the big picture.
Take lots of photos for two reasons. It will give you a different perspective on what your kitchen looks like and you’ll have a record of the marked improvement when the job is done, as it is easy to forget. I find before and after photos really motivating.
Choose one thing to do that is relatively easy, is important and will make you smile when you see it. You need to be able to do it in a couple of hours.
Write a list of supplies for the project. Can you get what you need in time? Or do you need to reconsider and do something that you already have what you need?Bath

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