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Bill Granger’s tips for a better life

We love Bill Granger in this home. Gordon’s been cooking his scrambled eggs for over a decade and they’re still the best I’ve ever had.

Recently, I was lucky enough to have a chat with Bill at a breakfast put on by Jordan’s. Although, I forgot to have a photo taken with him – doh! Here’s what I ate, though…Bill Granger | Blah Blah Magazine
Anyway, I couldn’t help but ask him what are some of the little things that have made his life better.

The little things, by Bill Granger

1. Always try and pack as many fruits and vegetables as possible into every plate. A couple of easy ways to do this is to think of pasta and protein as side dishes. Serve and eat vegetables first, like an entrée, that way you fill up on the good stuff.Bill Granger | Blah Blah Magazine2. Start with a good breakfast, when you start on a good foot, you’re more likely to continue your good eating for the rest of the day.Ham-egg-pin3. Enjoy the moment. We all like to think, it’ll get easier when the kids grow up, we retire or something else happens, but the truth is other stuff happens. It doesn’t get easier, it just changes, so we’ve got to enjoy the moments we have now.Bill Granger | Blah Blah Magazine4. Grow your own vegetables and herbs whenever you can. Herbs are really easy to grow, and if they’re there you’re more likely to use them.Bill Granger | Blah Blah Magazine5. Make meals an event, a time to sit down with the family and get the kids involved with the whole process, setting the table and cleaning up afterwards. This shared time is some of the most important in our lives, but it’s easy to let it slip by.

What are the little things that make your life better? I’d love the hear in the comments x

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  1. This was just what i needed to read today! Things are getting so hectic at this time of the year it’s a great reminder to not get caught up with the stuff that really doesn’t matter. Strip things back and keep them simple. Thank you xx

  2. All of the above for starters. Life can turn on a pin head, so enjoy it as much as you can whilst you have it.

    Say yes to as many opportunities as you can.
    Get out of the house by 9.30 at the latest. Unless it’s Sunday. On that day you can stay in as long as you want.

  3. Breakfast is by far my most favourite meal of the day. You can make it easily awesome at home or go out and most places can’t get it wrong. Tho it has been proven that at times it can be wrong, very wrong!

  4. I love these ideas… plus the ham and eggs looks just divine, we must sit down and enjoy some of that tomorrow morning. I agree..growing your own veggies is cool, we’ve grown chillies from dried chilli seeds this year and have some herbs, it’s so cool to just head outside and snip them off when you need them.

  5. Love love love this! Such good points, I love the veggies 1st mantra. Kinda like the water one before you eat to loose weight… Whether it works or not I have no idea. I just eat the veggies first because they are my favourite. Even when I was young I was the weird kids that ate the brussel sprouts! Hahaha.
    I love getting the kids in to be part of it all, setting the table, cracking the eggs, sifting the flour, sowing the seeds or planting the tomato plants (finally) yesterday.
    They get the biggest kick out of seeing the leaves break through the soil or picking the fruit for the trees.
    We even run a tally on what we pick to keep it fun, although we lost count after 1500 cherry tomatoes last year… Lol I made a bit of chutney! xx

  6. These are fantastic tips. I never ever seem to grow herbs successfully. Can you write a post about that? Pretty please? x

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