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The Bouddi National Park coastal walk

By Cybele

The Bouddi National Park coastal walk has been nominated as one of the ten best coastal walks in the world by National Geographic. I am not surprised, because it is amazing, but I didn’t think many people knew about it because it’s tucked away on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia, and it is never very busy, even though it’s only an hour and a half drive north of Sydney.  The walk takes you from Killcare Beach right along the coast to Little Beach, for  8 kilometres and takes about 5 hours. The great thing is that you can easily do sections of it.

The headland loopBouddi National Park Coastal Walk | Blah Blah Magazine

In fact, I would say the Mount Bouddi walking track (1.3km and 1hr) takes in the best bits of the coastal walk – Maitland Bay and the shipwreck – and you can walk along the fire trail to return to your car. Despite all the big hills, Gordon, Little H and I regularly do this walk, because it is one of our favourites (if you’re thinking of taking kids bushwalking YTravel blog has done a great post about it.)

The Hens Party from hell

I love the Mount Bouddi walking track so much that I dragged my Hens Party on this walk in the lead up to getting married. I think I will pay more attention to weather reports and always wear proper shoes when bushwalking in the future.
A merry band of women started out in the sunshine, carrying nothing but beach towels and bottles of water. Some of us only in swimmers, sarongs and flip flops, thongs, whatever you want to call them. Within forty minutes we were walking through torrential rain, slipping and sliding our way down a ridiculously steep set of stairs that had turned into raging torrent. We sheltered under a rock ledge in the Maitland Bay headland, while the thunderstorm passed right over us and watched one poor man jogging along the beach in a soaking wet white t-shirt. He was dubbed the stripper.
The lightning shot into the water around us, as the lucky ladies wearing walking shoes plucked countless leeches from their ankles. For those of us clever enough to go bushwalking in flip flops, thongs, whatever you call them – well – a writhing orgy of leeches might just describe it…
Did you know that leeches kind of vomit into you when you rip them off? And Demi Moore is supposedly using leeches to keep her looking young. There you have it. These are things Dr Google told us as we sat under that rock and searched our smart phones for answers to our predicament.
When the storm finally passed, we thought a swim in the saltwater might help get rid of the leeches – it didn’t.Bouddi National Park Coastal Walk | Blah Blah Magazine
I think the members of my Hens party can describe the trauma of this experience better than me, because I still thought it was a marvellous adventure, storm, leeches and all. Thankfully, my dear friends organised the lovely dinner and drinks that followed, because we had an outrageously lovely evening.
Have I scared you all off the coastal walk? Oh, well, I still LOVE this walk and in all the times I have done the track I have never seen a leech on the track before or since.
Did I mention the walk has the best examples of my favourite tree the angophra costata? Anyway, I think I better shut up now.
When have you tried to share something you love?
(Psst. I also need to tell you that a film crew is coming to shoot Gordon’s vege garden and I have completely ignored our garden for the last couple of months, so I need to help tart up our patch of dirt. We will be posting garden adventures in these Friday posts, until we resume more external activities.)
Happy adventures,
Cybele x

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  1. As a hen who very unfortunately got stuck in loads of traffic, was delayed by, oh, 2 hours, who called and metaphorically waved on the other hens with a “no, no, you go ahead without us” and instead ate fresh seafood at a riverside cafe, I would like to say that the view from the top is truly gorgeous and the storm was really terrible. The bottom of my jeans were positively soaked by the time I got back to the car…

  2. Wet jeans! Oh, how you suffered ; )

  3. I cannot begin to describe my horror of leeches. Just reading this has traumatised me…
    At the same time, I am fascinated to discover that leeches don’t mind salt water – if we can’t take refuge in the seas, what hope is there?

  4. Ms FL, I take it that you won’t be joining Demi Moore on her beauty regime of a leech a day keeps a wrinkle at bay x

  5. What a story!! At least everyone will remember your hen’s day. As long as you were grinning by the end of the evening. I bet you were all laughing over dinner.

    Thanks for linking to my post. We took the kids along there just last week for another walk. It really is so beautiful and I am also surprised that not many people know about it.

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