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The delightful madness of camping at home and a damper recipe

Happy New Year! Did you get a chance to rest and ponder?

We kept things simple this year and stayed at home. I was worried that we would miss that holiday feeling – the freedom, sense of possibility, dropping the ‘shoulds’ and just being. You know, all the fun stuff.Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine

We got pretty close to recreating that feeling, so close I caught myself singing Beach Boys tracks and we mostly kept our promise not to do any work.

Gordon read and pottered in his vegetable garden. I went on a digital detox for ten days, paddleboarded my happy heart out and on the last weekend before Gordon went back to work, he and the boys camped out in our garden.

The great camp out

We figured it’d be like going on a camping trip without the traffic jams. Dad and I did this when I was little and I loved it. As a kid, I could tell it was kind of mad and defied all logic, but maybe that’s the fun of it.

Not that this family needs much of an excuse, cooking outdoors is our happy place and, yes, I confess there’s something darn attractive about a man playing with fire.

Gordon dug a hole…Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine

We kept it as simple as can be and grubby pudgy feet were essential.Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine

Although, I couldn’t resist making some more of my homemade tomato sauce.

Gordon tossed the corn, husk and all, into the coals and we played guess how long it takes to cook corn. Oh, the smoky, sweet goodness…Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine

I made damper from the institution, The Commonsense Cookery Book.

Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine Recipe:
500 g plain flour
1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate soda
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
1 teaspoon salt
1 1/4 cups cold water

Sift all the dry ingredients together. Mix in water. Knead lightly and make a circular loaf. Place in a greased camp oven or on a sheet of baking paper and cook for 20-30 in the ashes of the fire, with ashes on the lid too.  Slap with butter and golden syrup or jam and eat warm.

Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazinebut we’d all eaten too much on the camp out night, so we had it the following night warmed in the oven and topped with lashings of butter, golden syrup or stray fruit jam (not really jam, just the lost and lonely fruit stewed until gooey).Camping at home | Blah Blah Magazine

Have you ever camped out in the garden? Did it work?

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  1. Cybele, this is awesome!!!

  2. I have yet to camp out in my garden, but included in my long term plan is a flat open area for star gazing and tent using!

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