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Make a cardboard car

Make a cardboard car or nine…

and the kids’ drive-in party, part 2

by Cybele
I think I may have had a bit too much fun making these cars. Sometimes we genuinely do things for our kids and other times, well, my husband wanted to buy our newborn baby a remote control helicopter all those (three) years ago.
Our boy loves a good car, so that was the inspiration for the Drive-In Party idea, as I mentioned in this post about the drive-in party food. Initially, I was just going to collect the cardboard boxes and attach some wheels. Then one Sunday afternoon I was left alone with these things:Ingredients-600
It all started with the taping of a box:The cutting two-thirds along both of the sides on the fold and folding along the dotted lines:The drawing a line for the windscreen, cutting it out with a scalpel blade and taping inside and out:The painting of the babies:
Attaching wheels:
Steering wheels:

However it was when it was time to decorate that things went a little crazy:

The white hot rod

The blue hot rod

The red racing stripe

The green racing stripe

The blue racing stripe

The red star

The white star

The green machine

The sports car

We stapled some string to the corners of the car to go over the kids’ shoulders.

And the end result was the bed sheet drive-in

We wrote their names on their chosen car number plate and I organised a ‘race’ where they had to run from one end of the room to the other then the dodgem cars really started. Ah, joyous mayhem.
Cybele x
When have you got carried away with something?

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  1. Have I ever told you that I grew up at a Drive-In? My dad was a projectionist and mum and older sisters ran the ticketbooth and the cafeteria. I was in charge of being cute and accidentally giving customers the finger (I got thumbs up confused with the rude finger)
    You put together a damn good homage to the ye olde Drive In (also trying to convince Dan we should go out to the Blacktown Drive In; unsuccessful so far)

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