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Celery soup recipe

A New Year Detox Celery Soup

by Gordon

We are taking a break until 14 January, so this is my last recipe for the year and I thought if you’re anything like me or followed Naomi’s advice a little closely, you’re going to hit the 2nd of January and probably think, ‘Thank God’ my poor liver needs a break. With over a dozen events in the last 2 weeks and still the indulgence of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years to contend with, I know for certain that I will need this celery soup to kick start the year.Celery soup recipe | Blah Blah Magazine
This little number is devilishly easy to prepare and will really help your body flush out a lot of the evils it has been subjected to in the last month or so. It’s also quick to prepare with a minimum of fuss, so it doesn’t matter if  your braincells have gone walkabout.Celery soup recipe | Blah Blah Magazine

Ingredients for celery soup

3-4 litres of fresh chicken stock (no, not cubes or powder…you will need the homemade stuff if you want to take advantage of all nutrients available)
3 brown onions- diced
2 large heads of celery- diced
6 cloves of garlic- crushed

salt and pepper to taste

Start by browning the onions and the garlic in a little bit of butter and on a medium heat until the onions start to brown. Drop in the celery and stir for a couple of minutes. Add the chicken stock, bring to the boil for 10 minutes, cover and then simmer on low heat for an hour until the celery is nice and soft.

Grab you trusty bar mix and whiz until there are no more lumps in the soup. If you don’t have a bar mix, a blender or food processor will suffice. Add salt and pepper to taste and then simmer for an additional 10 mins.

Take a fine sieve or strainer and pour through the liquid leaving the pulp in the strainer. Push through lightly with a spoon to ensure flow of liquid.

Serve warm with a couple of parsley leaves or allow to cool, refrigerate and then serve chilled on a hot summers day!Celery soup recipe | Blah Blah Magazine I’ve got more lovely summer detox soups coming to start the year off, but in the meantime, we’re going to enjoy some time surfing and fishing a long way from Sydney.

Happy silly season!





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Gordon Eckel, a foodie and (rock) wall climber extraordinaire. He worked in some of Sydney’s top restaurants, but decided that he liked cooking for his friends more, so ran away and joined the circus (aka managing Sydney nightclubs). Six years ago and after a few too many creamy pastas he weighed 105 kg with a ridiculously high cholesterol. He changed his eating ways, wore out a treadmill and dropped 25 kilos in three months. Now he is renown for cooking deceptively healthy food and for proselytizing about the marvels of the great Australian red.

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