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How to choose paint colour for the front door

Love the Home You Have – day seven

front door colour

by Cybele
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I’m not a colour expert, so I will defer this choosing front door paint colour business to the experts, but I will say this – have fun. A door is a small area to paint and easy to repaint if we don’t like the result and yet, it has impact when our choice pays off. The three houses pictured below have similar and neutral colour schemes with indigo, black and red doors. It really shows the difference a door can make.

Indigo, the quiet achiever:

How to choose paint colour for a front door

If you’re not convinced that you have the know how to paint, trust me you do. Here’s a how to paint a door post.
Rachel did a fantastic post on how  to choose paint colours, based on the colour wheel and how colours interact.

Black, a little bit edgy, a little bit sophisticated and oh, so smart (and next time I’ll remember to keep the camera straight!):

How to choose paint colour for a front door

This post on House Beautiful has a range of great door colours.
Interestingly this post on Style at Home shows similar colours, but shows them on actual doors rather than paint colour samples.
 Bright as a button red:How to choose paint colour for the front door
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What do you like to see in a front door colour?

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