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The best list of Christmas gifts for teachers

The gorgeous Zoe Cole came to one of our Slow Road workshops and when I found out she was a minimalist and a teacher I simply had to ask – What are the best gifts for teachers?

I mean I loooovve giving people homemade body scrubs, as you know, but amazingly there are times when a body scrub isn’t quite right 😉 Eek! What then?

Thankfully, Zoe came up with the best list of gifts for teachers I’ve ever seen, so I’ll leave it to her…DIY home spa pedicure| Blah Blah Magazine

We’ve all had great teachers, those who have guided us and supported us through great times and also what can be very trying times, for both students and parents.

I have been fortunate enough to receive some beautiful and heartfelt gifts during my years of teaching, and if you are hoping to get a little something to acknowledge the hard work of your child’s teacher, but aren’t wanting to spend a lot or add to their collection of coffee mugs, here are some unique ideas that will show them your gratitude.

How to make salted caramels | Blah Blah MagazineHomemade treats

Homemade treats are really something special, when my students and their parents take a little time to bake or create a little something in their kitchens, my heart always warms a little! The options here are endless, from the classic rocky road Christmas treats to homemade jams and preserves, there will be something that your child will be able to help out with, no matter their age or level of kitchen skills.

strawberry and rhubarb jamThe Gourmet Foodie present

Something a little special that they may not buy for themselves, a beautiful olive oil, some products sold at your local Farmer’s Market, this is a great one because not only are you giving your child’s teacher something special, but you are supporting local farmers and business owners, win win! You can really tailor the Gourmet Foodie present to suit any budget too, from one delicious, hand picked item to a small hamper of goodies. If you aren’t sure about what you could get for this one, but want to support your local Farmer’s Market, I know some Markets do Gift Certificates, which will also save you from lining up at different places if you are running low on time.

Christmas hamper ideas | Blah Blah MagazineCoffee/Tea/Wine

This one will depend on how well you know the teacher and what their preference is. I am a tea drinker and last year I was lucky enough to receive a box of a beautiful variety of teas. I know that student had really thought about me and what I like, it was that thought behind it that really made my day.

Movie Vouchers

I don’t know many people who don’t like going to the movies, and it is getting more expensive every time I go, to treat your child’s teacher to a night out is a lovely thing, and they have the flexibility to choose a movie and time that suits them, with the holidays coming up this is a perfect gift.

Gift Cards/Vouchers

If you like the idea of a voucher, but aren’t sure if movies is the way to go, there are lots of options available. Many beautiful restaurants of all price levels do vouchers, websites like Red Balloon offer vouchers for all kinds of experiences, and although some people think Gift Cards are a little impersonal, they can definitely be thoughtfully picked to suit someone’s interests, whether they are sporty, maybe they read a lot or like to use beautiful stationery, a well picked gift card is a lovely option.

A thoughtful Thank You card or email

I saved this one for last, but I think that is because it is my favourite. As a high school teacher I have received some beautiful cards written by my students that have actually made me quite teary (although I’m a bit of a softie!) If your child is old enough to write a card themselves, or even if they can only sign their name, draw a picture and maybe tell you what they learned or enjoyed in class over the year, this is a beautiful gift that will truly make your child’s teacher feel valued.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas if you’re feeling stuck, for both the teachers and the non-teachers in your life.

Wishing you a wonderfully happy and safe holiday season!

A quick note: In no way do teachers expect gifts from parents, and there is absolutely no obligation or expectation at all to give gifts to your child’s teachers. This post is just to help out those who might be a little lost, I know as a teacher a lot of my friends have asked me what teachers want, so this little list is for you!

The best gift guide for teachers | Blah Blah MagazineZoe Cole is a High School teacher and Health Coach living in Canberra, Australia. She has made the transition from stressed-out, self proclaimed “busy person” and professional to a simpler life where she prioritises self-care and helps others do the same. She shares her story and tips on her site www.zoecole.com.au or find her on Instagram at @_zoecole_.

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  1. I’ve been thinking about this and I love the idea of baking something together.

  2. As an ex-teacher I think your list is spot on. I love homemade treats almost as much as I love wine (that’s a lot) and vouchers are always a good idea. I agree, some of the best things I received when I was teaching weren’t presents at all, but a card, picture or letter that I got to treasure.

  3. I think homemade gifts show a lot of love so we’ve previously given those to my tornadoes teachers. This year we are going in as a whole class and one of the gifts is a blank tea towel which all the pre-primary kids have decorated and signed their names on with fabric markers. I think it’s such a lovely personal and practical gift.

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