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Christmas table – Nana chic

Christmas theme – Nana chic

In this part of the world (Australia) the Scouts will start selling their Christmas trees this weekend. Christmas decorating time has officially arrived in this house.
We’re doing Christmas this year. Yup, it’s our turn to host the family lunch and I am actually looking forward to it.
The Christmas theme this year is [drumroll] Nana Chic. Bring on the doily baubles – instructions here.Setting a Christmas table | Blah Blah Magazine
We’ve never had a theme before, but I felt inspired after reading the Planning Queen’s post and one thing I have noticed already is that it makes all the little decisions a bit easier and somehow, a whole lot more enjoyable. From deciding on the tree – Poster tree, Designer wooden tree or real tree? – to deciding how to decorate the tree, Ornaments to make and  what to use for gift wrapping.
The other important decision, of course, is what will Gordon wear to cook the barbecue? Dodgy boobie apron, the basic black ‘Tong Master’ apron or Liberty print Nana pinny?   ; )

Nana chic and my chic Grandma

A Christmas theme is extra special if it has meaning for you. It’s not really a surprise that I am in love with the Grandma chic thang that’s happening at the moment, but the idea to make it our Christmas theme idea actually came from the fact that we’ll be celebrating in my grandma’s old house. This is a picture of my grandma, pop and Dad (at 18 months.) My grandma died aged 53 of Breast Cancer. She spent her life loving her four children to pieces, lobbying against developers knocking down old houses and was happy to give most things a go, whether pottery, gardening or bush walking.Setting a Christmas table | Blah Blah Magazine
My grandfather had a difficult time being a husband and father. He was probably a different man before he went to war. He kept every letter she wrote to him while he was at war, yet after he returned he would go on solo adventures and disappear for years without a word. She kept her family going and carried on loving him until the day she died.

My Christmas table for GrandmaSetting a Christmas table | Blah Blah Magazine

How do you make Christmas meaningful for you?

Cybele x

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