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Why and how you should clean a bedroom

Day 24 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele

Things that drop when you move the bed

 We are tackling a damp problem, well, let’s call it a torrent problem. If it rains long enough and hard enough a little river forms under our bed. Interesting. Watch me walk away from all the double entendres here.
 I called in the big guns for advice. My father-in-law. He’s awesome. Once when Gordon was a kid he saw a dead bird and he turned to his friend, ‘Don’t worry, Dad will fix it.’ Okay, he may not be able to ‘fix’ dead birds, but he knows a lot of stuff about a lot of things. He’s a German engineer. Need I say more? We call him Opi.
 Opi and I were standing in the bedroom, staring at the dry riverbed and it dawned me that I was going to have to move my marital bed with my father-in-law. There’s one for the bucket list…
Why hadn’t I thought about this earlier? Why didn’t we do the mighty bedroom cleanse earlier, then I could have moved the bed with grace, poise and complete confidence, safe in the knowledge that nothing untoward would drop out.
We each grabbed a side of the bed frame and lifted. Clunk. I heard something drop. Well, that didn’t sound like a pair of knickers, I should be fine. What else could it be?  We shifted the bed south and lowered it back down, but I couldn’t catch sight of what had dropped near Opi’s feet. I had to soldier on.
We commando crawled under the house to seek the river’s source. It is quite a bonding experience wading through dirt, pipes and the like in search of a river mouth. It turned out to be a blocked storm water drain next door.
 I thanked him and we bid farewell. As soon as the latch clicked closed, I ran down to see what had dropped out of the bed at Opi’s feet. It was a toy car. My son must have wedged it between the wall and frame, because that is what you do with cars. And ain’t that a big ole sign of the times and the wild, crazy life we lead.

 Cleaning the bedroom

 1. Strip  the bed and check for toy cars
2. Wash all bedding, including mattress and pillow covers
3. Pop the pillows out in the sun to catch some rays
4. Flip or rotate the mattress
5. Vacuum the mattress
6. Vacuum out the closet
7. Vacuum curtains/blinds with brush attachment
8. Clean windows and mirrors
9. Dust all surfaces and wipe down light switches, fittings and ceiling fan (use glycerine on plastic)
10. Push aside the bed, side tables and dressers and vacuum/clean under them
11. Remake the bed
Is there anything as good as clean sheets?
Cybele x

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