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Coconut oil body butter

Whipped coconut oil moisturiser

by Cybele
Coconut oil is like a reminder note for me. About five years ago, my aunt was singing the praises of coconut oil and, I confess, I didn’t pay much attention. It’s not the first time. She used to rant on about permaculture and I would tune out, but I am all ears now! From now on, my dear aunt, I promise to listen.
It turns out, of course, she was right. Coconut oil is an awesome moisturiser (and great for healthy eating too), you only need to use a little bit and it absorbs into the skin easily.
The only challenge is that it can set hard (if you’re not living in the tropics) and you need a jackhammer to get it out. I stumbled on this  great solution. Luckily this is also the best way to get some delicious fragrance and essential oils into the mix too.
Say hello whipped coconut oil and lime! (Please note: this recipe will be useless in tropical climates or during summers where it’s regularly 30+ Celsius or 86+ Fahrenheit , because the melting point of coconut oil is 36 degrees Celsius or 97 degrees Fahrenheit, but it softens before then.

Ingredients to make coconut oil body butter

½ cup Coconut oil
15 drops of lime oil (or your favourite essential oil.)
Jar (the volume will double, so the jar needs to be big enough to fit twice the quantity of coconut oil you’re using.)

To make the whipped coconut oil

Whisk the solid coconut oil in your mix-master, Kitchen Aid, electric whisk or stick blender. When it starts to soften add the lime or essential drops and keep mixing until nicely whipped. Label it and take note of the best by date on the coconut oil bottle. It’s best not to apply things with citrus oils to the skin before going out into the sun, as they can make the skin more photo-sensitive or more prone to going red. Store the oil in a cool, dark cupboard and most importantly – Enjoy!
Cybele x
What is your favourite use for coconut oil?

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  1. What I shelf life of this body butter??

  2. My jar of coconut oil has a used by date of one and a half years, which is apparently the standard shelf life. So I put a used by of November 2014. Hope this helps and I’d love to hear how you go x

  3. Would you be able to add salt or sugar to make it more of a exfolliant?

  4. Hi Arlene,
    Great idea. It would make an awesome exfolliant. In my lemon scrub I used about 1 cup of oil to about 1 1/2 cups of salt, but sugar would be great too.

  5. Do you melt the oil first? Or whip it when it is in a solid state?

  6. I love to use Coconut Oil for making ice cream topping. You melt it in the microwave – add chocolate chips, butterscotch, vanilla or peanut butter chips and let them melt too. Stir it up good and spoon it over ice cream. It cools and makes a hard shell on the ice cream – Yummy!!

  7. Eating coconut oil provides energy like a carbohydrate
    without having the blood sugar impact that carbs normally do.

    use a cotton swab and a dab of coconut oil and you would be amazed at how well it works.
    Virgin coconut oil is fresh-pressed from coconut meat.

  8. Will the body butter turn back to solid form after while? Thanks 🙂

  9. Hi, I have kept the whipped coconut oil in the fridge and it has stayed softer. However, I’m not sure it’ll work as gifts in QLD because it could potentially melt in the time it’s out of the fridge and sadly this would defeat the purpose of whipping it. I’m trying to think of a way around this but am having trouble because the melting point is 36 degrees. You could try one of the cocoa butter based creams I have on the blog as it has a much higher melting point.
    Sorry I can’t offer a coconut solution!

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