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Make your own colourful necklace

by Cybele
With my rapidly expanding waist, I have finally faced up to the fact that I will be wearing the same clothes day in day out for the next couple of months and those clothes being the maternity variety are not necessarily my favourites. They’re mostly monotone for easy coordination and comfortable. Yes, at least they’re comfy.
But I have a solution that has made me oh so happy.
Once upon a time, I backpacked around Europe with an 11 kilo bag for six months and wore the same three sets of clothes the whole time, because I loved having a light bag. Although, it meant having to regularly overcome the washing and drying dilemma. I almost set a Pensione in Rome on fire while trying to dry my one black t-shirt over a light fitting. Oops. Black is good for hiding light bulb singe marks.
To subvert the potential monotony I bought loud jewellery, bright red bangles and the like. It fostered a love of the bold bedazzler in me, particularly when I have a limited wardrobe, whether travelling or on a rapid body expansion programme.
I have been eying chunky bead necklaces in a lot of my favourite design places. There’s the one I bought for a friend at the Young Blood Designers’ Market and Lisa’s at The Red Thread. Her polymer bead tutorial is gorgeous.
However, it was under a flickering fluorescent light in the kids’ aisle of a discount craft store that my moment of genius struck. A humble two dollar bag of kids’ craft beads gave birth to my sartorial colour solution. I rushed home and raided my ribbon drawer. In five minutes I had five necklaces for under five dollars. The sixth one took a bit longer because I decided to paint those beads with some acrylic wood paint,make a necklace because I had a craving for tropical water turquoise.
It turns out that the easiest way to paint and dry beads is to suspend the beads horizontally on a piece of wire. I hung mine in the window between bolts, but between matching chairs or across handrails would probably work too.
One of the great things about these necklaces is that the length can be adjusted to suit each outfit. Just stuff the knot inside one of the beads for  Blushing Betty.
Or tie a pretty bow for Purple Rain.Make your own necklace
Choose what works for In The Navy,
It’s Easy Being Green,and In Grained.

The other things keeping me happy are Lisa’s suggestions on how to feel like you’re a part of the action when you’re not drinking. Thank you Lisa!

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  1. Love love love love love love love! Any chance you’ll start selling these, Aunty Blah Blah? For the less DIY-oriented of your readers… 😉

  2. I L O V E, Love, love, love, love it, even more the turquoise and red one!!!
    Also love the purple and yellow!!!
    Good one 🙂

  3. you’re such a talented gal, makes me green with envy xo

  4. WOW! These look amazing … you’ve done such a great job. I will be copying this idea for sure 🙂 Will also be following your blog from now on too. Glad to have found you, Alison #TUST

  5. I love this idea! Something I could actually do! Now I know I have some beads and ribbin, and maybe even some paint somewhere. Great way to brighten up the winter wardrobe!

    Visiting from Blogs and PR

  6. Wow how clever Cybele – my favourite is Blushing Red – and also the green one! I bet you had a ball backpacking – and have some great stories to tell. I hope you’re selling these? Because there’s lot of people out there like me that wouldn’t necessarily do this – well with 3 kids under 5 I wouldn’t find time (excuses excuses)
    Emily visiting via Blogs and PR for TUST

  7. I love those deep blues and greens – but oh no no, I see what you’re up to, I’m talking about PAYING you for your hard work, thank you very much, not negotiable 🙂 – I see a market stall in my crystal ball… I’m with Emily!

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