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How to make concrete pots

How to make cement pots

by Cybele
This post is part of our handmade Christmas series, because nothing says, ‘I’m thinking about you’ quite like gifts made with love.
Last week, Bub and I met up with the lovely Kinfolk Magazine and Blog Society crowd. Everything they do is beautiful.kinfolk We nibbled on zucchini flower and parmesan tarts and sipped from jam jars, while chatting to Katie Searle-Williams, the Cofounder of Kinfolk and Julie Pointer, the Community manager. My idea of heaven.
A story Julie told has stayed with me. It was about the time she made a plate of cookies for an elderly couple she didn’t know and they invited her into their home and she spent a magical couple of hours learning about their lives. In a roundabout way it’s how she ended up working for Kinfolk.
We’re so lucky to live in the digital community era, but it’s easy to forget about those who live nearby. I want to take some time this Christmas to reach out to people in my area. So, I’m dreaming up and searching for good gifts for neighbours. These concrete cups will work for some. For the others, I think it’s time to whip up some chutney and maybe some panforte too.
How to make a concrete pot
This is one of those projects that caught me by surprise. I’d been toying with making some cement candle holders for a while and since I had to do some repairs using cement and had some left over, it was the perfect moment.
Now, I’m hooked. It’s a lot easier and more fun than I’d thought it would be. Think, making mud pies when you were a kid. It’s also cheap, which makes it easier to just play, because there’s nothing to lose. I think I’ll play around with different moulds, maybe one of a little star or perhaps even a  hippo for the garden
How to make a concrete pot
Cement mix (this is cement pre mixed with sand)
PVA glue (optional: gives the cement strength)
Container to mix cement in
Trowel or spoon
Plastic cups, one large and one smaller to use as moulds
Something to use as a weight, like a hammer
To make cement cups
How to make concrete candle holderStir the cement with water according to the instructions (if using PVA glue, add 1 part glue to 4 parts water and use this to mix with the cement instead of straight water). Ideally, you want the mix to be about the consistency of yoghurt, as this will make it easier to work with.
How to make concrete candle holderPour cement into the larger cup, press the smaller cup in and place something heavier into the cup to keep it in place.
Weight-cementLeave to dry for a couple of days.
How to make concrete candle holderGently peel the plastic cups away.
cement candle holderPainted others with liquid copper to use as candle holders and popped dried flowers in another.
What do you think makes the perfect neighbourly gift?

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  1. Great tutorial! What is in the 5th picture down starting from the start of the tutorial? Looks like brown sugar syrup or something.

  2. It does look like sugar syrup in the photo – that’s amazing. It’s actually the wooden handle of the rolling pin I was using to weigh the inside cup down and hold the mould together.

  3. ooOOOoh 🙂 makes a lot more sense!

  4. Love this idea. Seems like you would need a drainage hole, if you were making planters.

    • Good point. I should’ve clarified I find them good for succulents, as you can just give a little water occasionally. However, you could do as Matthew suggests or trying stabbing a hole with something sharp when the concrete is halfway dry. I hope this helps.
      Bele x

  5. Beautiful! Gonna try them soon. I raise succulents and these are perfect.
    @Mary, you can buy masonry bits cheap for a drill and with a soft hand and good bit, you could easily put a drainage hole in them.

  6. Hi! I tried this DIY aswell, I found my mixture of cement to be ok except when I poured the cement into the mold it formed a layer of water on the top, did yours do this?

    • How interesting. Mine didn’t do that. I wonder why. Did yours dry ok in the end?

      • I did them yesterday and they are still quite wet. Maybe I didnt put in the correct quantity of water to cement. I wanted the mixture quite runny so the top of the pot would be quite smooth instead of clumpy but maybe a dryer mixture is the best way to go.

  7. Hi! So in love with your planters?
    Just wondering what colour/type of cement you used to make these?

  8. Hi

    Which brand of cement did you use – I can’t get my cement mixture right.


    • Hi Saswati, I’m sorry to hear that. I just used up some of the bag we had for building our garden walls, but I’m sorry I can’t remember the brand now. I would try adding the water a little bit at a time until you’re happy with the consistency. Sometimes it takes longer to set in humid weather. I hope this helps!

  9. These are perfect! Just what I was looking for my hand made christmas. Can’t wait to give them a go.

  10. Love it!! What brand cement did you use?

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