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To keep the Blah Blah show on the road and cover our costs we have decided to accept sponsorship, advertising and affiliate relationships. We are really grateful to these people and organisations who support us and allow us to get on and do what we do here.
However, we still will only recommend products and services that we would happily recommend regardless of payment or not, so the opinions are still our own. We are offered many items to review and only accept the small percentage that we think will interest our audience. We decline those that will not be useful or interesting for Blah Blah readers.
We will also identify when we are receiving payment or a gift by using one of the below codes, if you do not see one of the codes then you can rest assured that we paid for the item ourselves.
We really appreciate any support you can give our sponsors, as they keep us ticking on. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Disclosure Codes

  • [In collaboration with… ] The person or organisation has paid for the costs of writing the post, the writers’ fees, products used, overheads and (if we’re lucky) related up keep of the blog.
  • [PR] The product was a gift from a company to the writer or blog.
  • [AFF] We receive a small commission for any products purchased through the link from our blog. The price charged is not altered, but the seller of the product shares a percentage of the profits with the blog or writer.

The Driving Forces

The Founder and Editor, Bele Masterman, is a freelance lifestyle writer with work published in The Sydney Morning Herald, Home Beautiful, Grazia, New Scientist, Inside Out, Diabetic Living, Mamamia and a host of other publication and online sites. She has also worked as a television presenter and beauty therapist. She completed a degree in Communications, a Masters in Writing and an Associate Diploma in Health Science.
She also has the good fortune of being a mother of two bouncing boys and married to Gordon Eckel, Blah Blah’s food contributor by night and a Director by day.