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Crafty flop

words by Cybele and featured image by Sean Fennessy
I’m off having a baby!
So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to schedule a post about one of my more amusing crafty failures of late. As those of you who have been hanging out here for a while know, I love trying to think of ways to reuse things. All of the projects I share here must make life more beautiful, save money and/or help the environment.
Hence, I have been admiring these recycled wine bottle tumblers and glasses for a very long time now.
Sustainable glasses and other re-purposed vessels by Ruth Allen.  Photo by Sean Fennessy.
Sustainable glasses and other re-purposed vessels by Ruth Allen. Photo by Sean Fennessy.
I think they’re beautiful, tick. Making your own would save money because it means using free materials to make something you’d normally have to pay for, tick. Using recycled wine bottles saves on new materials and all the fuel and transport that goes with anything new, tick.
I was planning on making some tumblers as a surprise for Hubby’s birthday. He loves his whiskey, scotch, whatever you call it. Actually, I think you could call it a love affair.
I rescued an empty bottle of his favourite from the recycling bin full of confidence that this was going to work. I mean, it’s simple: cut glass, sand edge and voila!Ingredients
First off, I tried this glass cutting strategy, effectively using the simple physics of targeted heat (flaming string), followed by an extreme change in temperature (dunk in ice water) to crack the bottle in half along the line of the string. All while wearing sexy safety glasses and the thickest working gloves I own.  This was to be a surprise gift, so there is no photographic evidence, but it was a similar look to my sanding style.IMG_1031
I couldn’t get it to work and the one time it did sort of crack there were fractures going down into the glass. Physics has never been my strong suit and this was another nail in the coffin of my Professor of Physics career.
Not one to be deterred, I went and bought a special glass cutting blade for my trusty hacksaw (they’re about $8 AUD, for those who are interested) and set to work. I made it three quarters of the way through and CRACK. The final quarter snapped in a curvaceous, downward scoop.Cutting
This is when I accepted defeat, as I could not see a way of cutting a perfect straight edge and many hours of sanding would be required to get anything like a straight edge. I called around several glass cutting places to see how much it would cost to have it done. It turns out it’s quite a specialist thing and the cheapest I found was $25 AUD, no guarantees of the glass being useable.
When I saw the very talented Ruth Allen on the Design Files last week, I thought, yes, yes, this is one for the professionals. One day I’ll save my pennies and buy some.Square

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  1. I Stumbled here… I rarely ever leave comments, but I’ve got a strange desire to let you know about glass bottle cutters – I got this one from Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/Generation-Green-g2-Bottle-Cutter/dp/B004ZRV3AU/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1395895894&sr=8-2&keywords=glass+bottle+cutter) and it works great by dipping into boiling water and then ice water (repeat as needed) after scoring the glass according to instructions. You can then sand it, or you can make a homemade glass turner out of an old record player and use a flame to polish the edge (http://youtu.be/t6g5-AdJxJI). Make sure to always wear goggles as the glass can shatter if heated too fast or unevenly! Anyway, here’s to hoping this is a real website and a real person behind the article and that I didn’t just give my email address away! Cheers and congrats on the new baby. 🙂

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