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How to decorate hallways and beyond

Love the home you have – day five – project day

by Cybele
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Hallways are one of the most important decorating zones of a home. How do we make them work in our homes?
If you’re on the Love the Home You Have adventure with me, then this is a project day. I’m still singing out of tune to bad disco tracks and painting. I can’t believe Gordon said if he stood still long enough in our house he would be painted white. Outrageous! When I took him up on the idea, he picked up my phone for protection, but he’ll keep.
Here’s proof that I’m happy to inflict him with as much bad singing as it takes. Poor Gordon.Me-painting
How are your projects going?


Doors and halls have a big impact on us. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that our myths and stories are full of doors to other worlds, thresholds, passageways,  and so on. It’s in these spaces we make adjustments, both mentally and physically to adapt to a space.
In the case of our home, it’s where we reconnect and we want it to say, ‘Welcome home!’ Because the world can feel big bad and ugly at times and the entrance is the place for reminders that we’re safe and can relax.
We often over look entryways because we don’t dwell there. Yet, anything we do will be noticed, perhaps not for long and maybe not even consciously, but it will have an impact. If we put something we love so it’s the first thing we see when open the door it can change our mood in an instant. A beautiful lamp on a sensor can set the mood. A puppy dog or cat greeting us is even better…Hallway-decorate-pic
The nature of hallways, as thoroughfares, suits collections of wall pieces that tell a story or build to a big boom, otherwise an attention grabbing individual piece could be fun. It’s not about contemplation, but anticipation. Tease those unsuspecting guests of ours. If we think of artworks like people, the ones in our hallway are the ones we’d love to have for a dinner party, because they’re lively, interesting and entertaining.
The other thing about hallways is that you really want to think about clever storage, starting with something like this landing area, as it is the point where home organisation starts. Beautiful coat hooks and skinny treasure chests can really help.


You want to see a picture of my hallway? Thanks for rubbing salt in that wound, since my front door opens straight into the kitchen, but I’m not bitter about that ; ) My dream hallway goes something like this: wide, wooden floor boards, white walls, with a quote scrawled in beautiful black script along one wall. Near the front door are hooks for coats, while old cotton reels are dotted up and along the wall as homes for all my favourite hats.
Bell x
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What does your ideal hallway look like?

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