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How to decorate the living area

Love the Home You Have – day six – project day

by Cybele
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Living areas are about inspiring relaxation, like a virtual hug. For some people inviting means textures, for others it’s about colours or cushioning. Gordon’s always mentioning our lack of cushions on the couch and of course he’s right. I just haven’t found the covers I like yet and having temporary ones would irritate me not invite me, but that’s me and my kooks. I like things that spark my curiosity.
If we have an artwork we think of as a best friend, then this is the room to hang out with it. We don’t have to agree with everything the artwork has to say, but we need to feel it is worthy of your contemplation.
The artworks generally need to work around the furniture in the room, because how we place our furniture can determine how people interact. If everyone is lined up on one couch, then all their focus will be on what is in front of them, usually the television. Ideally, we can position the seating so that people can look at each other.Love the home you have
If we tend to use the living area during the day, then less is more and it can be fun to go for big, bright and bold, focusing on a couple of key pieces to help keep things bright and breezy.
If it is more of a night room, we might want to consider a French hang, where we put lots of pieces together. This type of wall works best if we can put things together that have a common element, frames, colour, subject, etc.
It was with this concept of the night room that we did some changes to our living room. And the fact I had not really considered Gordon’s taste and needs in its previous incarnation. Last year it looked like this:
living area
The reality is Gordon is more of a night owl than me and therefore spends more time in this room. He never liked sitting in my retro lounge, because he likes to lie down and this couch (Klara’s old one) is more comfortable to lie in.Night-living-room
So we moved el Retro to the other side where I can sit and read and changed the pictures on the wall to ones that had meaning for Gordon. They’re photos he took of the Frank Gehry’s Disney Theatre in LA.  The number plate? TiTS 69 still makes me giggle. I know I should grow up, but that sounds rather dull. We’re still on the hunt for a rug and the floors need resanding after twenty five years of good service. The room is starting to suit it’s role in our lives.
Cybele x
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