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Skin feeling tight and uncomfortable? Try this simple beauty x

Does your skin ever get that lizard feeling? Mine does around the changing seasons. It gets all tight and uncomfortable.

Avocado is our saviour.

In winter I like to mix it with quince for a mask (click through for the prettiest photo of me ever…), but for the rest of the year I do the baby below. It’s like magic for me. It softens, nourishes my skin without being greasy and leaves me fresh as a daisy.

It’s true, I normally just smear the remnants of the avocado on my face in the morning whilst making avocado toast and rinse off ten minutes later in the shower. I think my skin would be happy if I did this everyday of my life, but sadly I don’t eat avocado toast everyday. However, honey and lemon just take it not just to the next level, but sky high.

Yup, I love it so much I made a video…

The amazing thing about this mask with the avocado, lemon and honey is it’s perfect for tackling pimples and wrinkles at the same time or just as a freshen up when you’re feeling a bit flat. It’s like Hydralyte for the skin, because…

The Avocado

Nourishing avocado moisturises the skin with folic acid and vitamins B, C and E without feeling greasy – it’s quite magical!

The Lemon

Fruit acid goodness brightens and clarifies the face and the antioxidants recharges the skin.

The Honey

Enzymes in honey help dissolve dead skin cells to freshen and clear the skin and keep the microflora happy. The antibacterial properties help protect the skin.

Nourishing DIY Avocado Mask

DIY Avocado Mask | Blah Blah Magazine1 tablespoon avocado
1 tablespoon honey
1 teaspoon lemon

Mix altogether. Test on the wrist to check how your skin will react.

Pop on the face. Lie back for 15 minutes. Rinse. Tone. Moisturise.

Happy days!


Bele x

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