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DIY Christmas decorations

DIY family photo Christmas bauble

by Cybele
This post is part of the handmade Christmas series, our mission to make Christmas more meaningful and what better way than a Christmas made with love?
Last year, I made some easy crochet baubles. This year I wanted to start a new tradition of making some Christmas decorations using family photos from the year so we can keep them as fun reminders of each year that passes. Call me sentimental, but I’m having visions of Gordon, in grandpa slippers and me with my purple rinse hair, peering at the pictures on the tree from our rocking chairs.
Those of you who know me will realise that my love of up-cycling jam jars is becoming a bit of an obsession. So when it dawned on me that I might be able to turn a jam jar lid into a Christmas decoration I got a little excited, ahem, more excited than is appropriate.
Luckily, the experiment turned out better than expected. The only problem is that I just used my oh-so temperamental home printer, so the photos could do with a bit of love. I am going to have the photos professionally printed somewhere like our lovely sponsors Photobox photo printing so they look better and last longer.
DIY Christmas decoration

Christmas bauble ingredients:DIY Christmas decoration

Jar lid
Thin wire
Thick cardboard
Photos (ideally, professionally printed)

To make the Christmas bauble:

1. Trace around the lid onto cardboard and photo.

DIY Christmas decoration

2. Hammer a hole in the edge of the lid – I used hubby’s dumb bells to hold the lid in place as I figured he probably wouldn’t notice an extra little ding… Fingers crossed.
DIY Christmas decoration
3. Push wire through hole and tie a knot to hold in place. Tuck wire underneath the cardboard.
DIY Christmas decoration
4. Cut cardboard and glue into the lid. You may need a couple of layers, so that the photo will sit flush to the edge of the lid.
DIY Christmas decoration
5. Cut photo and glue in place.
DIY Christmas decoration
How do you make Christmas more meaningful?

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  1. This idea is amazingly awesome !!!
    Super cute and the fact that it could last for years and remind you past moments is so great !!!
    For sure I’ll keep this idea in my mind 🙂
    Love x

  2. Love, love, love this. Was browsing the web for a garland incorporating photos when I found this.

    One problem: I don’t collect jam jar lids. Could you please suggest some alternatives to use? The small disposable ashtrays they used to have at fast food places would work but they are pretty much extinct now.

    Thank you so much for sharing your ingenuity and talent.

    Hope you’ll have a lovely holiday season with family and friends.

    • Ooh, I love these kinds of questions and I like the way your mind is working with the ashtrays. Those little disposable foil pie tins could be cute. I need to think about this to come up with some more ideas. Does anyone else have some suggestions?

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