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How to make a diffuser

Reed diffusers

by Cybele


Making fragrance for the home

The time has come for me to  regale you with the wonders of homemade reed diffusers. I love a bit of (pleasant) smelly action in the home. I use the reed diffusers to mask the realities of life in the kitchen, bathroom and nappy change area. They help me pretend I am on a bicycle ride to nirvana (either band or spiritual destination would be fine) and not walking into the house to discover that the toddler I thought was merrily pottering was actually hosing the bedroom through the back door. Maybe he thought it would help the bedroom grow big and strong. Why not? It works with plants.
I digress. The diffusers are especially good for someone as notoriously vague suffering mad scientist syndrome, as I am, because I usually forget to light candles. The diffusers are low maintenance ladies that last a couple of months and I just have to turn the sticks over whenever I remember.
The recipes are based on the traditional French perfume mixing techniques that I learned doing an aromatherapy course many moons ago. I have suggested some blends, but pretty much any of your faves will do.
I used essential oils rather than fragrant oils, because I prefer them, although none of them were homemade like I talked about way back in the first post, all of two and a bit months ago. You’ll have to come back next year for all the dirty secrets on that  lavender marriage.
I digress again! Anyone would think it’s the end of the year. Okay, the basic principle is 10 drops of fragrant or essential oil for every 100ml of water or oil (usually nut or seed), with a splash of vodka thrown in. The alcohol is needed to coax the fragrance up the stick and help the oils and water to get along better. A 400 ml mix usually lasts me a month or two depending on the width of the bottleneck and how often I remember to turn the skewers. A water mix usually evaporates faster than the oil blend.
You could also use old perfume that you don’t wear anymore, in that case you wouldn’t need to mix it with anything, just pour it in the bottle or vase.
Please be better at remembering to wear gloves for doing all of this than I am and it may not be the best idea to play around with essential oils if you’re pregnant, in which case I would check with your doctor first.

Lavender diffuser oil blendDIY fragrance diffuser | Blah Blah Magazine

For this I used an old pharmaceutical bottle we found under the house, but any glass or glazed ceramic bottle or vase with a narrow neck would be fine.
Vase or bottle
Thin bamboo skewers, with the pointy ends cut off
Lavender oil
Rosewater if you have it or boiled tap water that has cooled down.
Splash of vodkaDIY fragrance diffuser | Blah Blah Magazine
Pour 10 drops of lavender oil to every 100ml of rosewater (and 20 drops for 200ml, etc) into the bottle and splash in some vodka. Stick in your skewers. Turn the skewers over after an hour and once a week after that. Add a little, little splash of vodka every couple of weeks, especially if you’re using essential oils, as it is the quickest to evaporate, yet it is needed to preserve and diffuse the scent.

Lemongrass fragranceDIY fragrance diffuser | Blah Blah Magazine

Vase or bottle (see notes for the bedroom diffuser)
Thin bamboo skewers, with the pointy ends cut off
Lemongrass oil
Seed or nut oil, think sweet almond, etc.
Splash of vodkaDIY fragrance diffuser | Blah Blah Magazine
Add 10 drops of lemongrass oil for every 200ml of nut or seed oil and throw in a splash of vodka. Stick in your skewers. Turn the skewers over after an hour and once a week after that or just before your mother-in-law walks through the front door ; ) I also add a little, little splash of vodka every couple of weeks, as it is the fastest to evaporate. It acts as a  preservative and helps the oils up the sticks.
Hopefully, it will do a great job masking the smell of a damp bedroom, if not the vodka should help.

Cybele x




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