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DIY fruit and vegetable wash

Fruit and vegetable wash & the dirty dozen
By Cybele
I have dreams of skipping through our vegetable patch waving my basket around and plucking up all the supplies we might need, but the truth is more of dragging a baby, preschooler and an overloaded trolley through the supermarket… I could try skipping it might help.
But recently, I’ve been thinking of ways of living in my real world and minimising the pesticides we consume. How about you?
The Dirty Dozen chart put out by the EWG (US-based Environmental Working Group) is the best. It lists the fruits and vegetables most impacted by chemical pesticides and fertilisers. Whereas, the Clean Fifteen are apparently the ones that absorb far less chemicals.DIY fruit and vegetable wash
For the Australians – Sweet bell peppers are capsicum and hot peppers are chillies.
Unfortunately, a lot of the dirty dozen are popular with the kiddliwinks. Hence why we have decided to try and minimise our waste and buy precisely what we need so that we can afford to buy the dirty dozen from an organic home delivery fruit and vegetable place and wash the rest really well.

DIY fruit and vegetable wash

I used to wash my fruit and vegetables with water, which is a lot better than nothing, but this research  suggest that vinegar is better, although it won’t get rid of all chemical residue it does a pretty good job.
Leave to soak for ten minutes according to this study and that will help tackle a lot of microbial issues too, this is particularly important when the fresh produce is imported from countries with different food production standards. This article by the World Health Organisation and the use of human waste as fertiliser or in the irrigation supply in some places really makes a good case for buying local so that you can find out how your food is grown.

IngredientsDIY fruit and vegetable wash

1 orange peel
3 cups white or cleaning vinegar
Soak the orange peel in the vinegar and remove after a week. If you’re pretty confident about your fruit and vegetable supply then add a cup of the vinegar mix in a sink-full of water, leaving the fruit and vegetables to soak for ten minutes before giving them a good scrub and removing . If the concerns are more serious, then you’d be best to follow the guidelines in this study.


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  1. We make the same sorts of compromises when it comes to fruit and veg and use the same lists to guide us. We grow what we can, try to order the dirty dozen from an organic delivery place and buy the rest from a supermarket. The wash is a great idea to improve things a little more. Thanks!

  2. We do very similar things when it comes to fruit and veg. We’ll have to use the wash as well. It’s a great idea. Thanks.

  3. I use this “orange power” to clean my bathroom, but never thought to use it for fruit and veg too (always just diluted apple cider vinegar) – thanks for the great idea!


  4. Great advice! Thanks for the tip. 🙂 Cheers, Tanya

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