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DIY headphones cover

How to ribbon bomb headphones
so your lover doesn’t steal them

by Cybele

Does your partner do something that drives you up the wall?
Okay, okay, so Gordon cooks and does all this amazing superhero stuff. BUT he steals my headphones. Yes, yes, he has lots of important work calls to make, while I need them to call my mum, but they’re MINE.
This little landing area organisation whatever-you-call-it-thing works really well and we no longer lose wallets, keys and phones on a regular basis, but headphones still go walkabout.
I went to the store to ask if they sell pink ones – I don’t actually like pink, but at least it’s less likely to be taken – but, no, no pink ones. Only whitish-grey! How dull of that fruity company.
Time to rise up and be individuals! Or mark territory in my case…

How to make a headphone cover

A lovely friend wrapped a present for Mr 4YO’s birthday party in this gorgeous ribbon and it’s perfect for a spot of ribbon bombing.


Ribbon, at least ½ inch wide
Strong glue (like an epoxy resin or from a hot glue gun)
Needle and thread
Gloves are a really good idea for this one, as it gets a bit sticky
1. Measure the length of the headphone wire from socket plug to the fork, add an inch (to allow for folding the ribbon back) and trim the ribbon accordingly.
2. Stretch the wire out over the ribbon. Fold the ribbon back between the fork in the headphone wires. Place weights on the wire and ribbon to keep them in place. Jam jars work well.How to make a headphones cover
3. Starting at the fold, run the glue down the wire slowly and roll the ribbon around the wire. Place the weights on as you go. (Apologies, the remote control on my camera decided to run out at this exact point. Note to self: always have extra batteries.)How to make a headphones cover
4. Once you get to the end, fold the ribbon back on itself and glue the inside edge.
5. Finish with a couple of stitches at either end to hold it in place.Headphones-sq-3
And may the headphones stay ever in your grasp.
Cybele x



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  1. Now this is a very very cool idea Ms Cybele – you are a woman after my own heart with the crafting and protecting our belongings from being pinched by men 😉 xx

  2. It’s darn lucky these menfolk are charming and, ahem, lovely, isn’t it?

  3. Using my edge stitching foot, I’d sew the ribbon edges together. Much easier and faster. Neat, clean, and perfectly sewn edges look professional. No jam jars needed, and removable/replaceable when the ribbon gets dirty.

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