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DIY hydrating mask with quince

How are you feeling? I mean really feeling. Have you stopped to check in lately? Taken a deep breath and pondered on your well being? Life whizzes on by and it’s so easy to forget.

Today, I’m feeling squishy, where all I want to do is cuddle my boys, drink tea, look at beautiful things and do a  hydrating face mask to give my skin a much needed drink. A winter version of my watermelon rind hydrating mask.

 DIY hydrating mask | Blah Blah Magazine

Smash and Grab Cheer Up Mask for rehydration

Quince is a cheerfully ugly fruit. I love it. It’s fabulous for skin rehydration and is around for the months when our skins battle biting winds and heated air.

Quince is great to eat. We poach it, just by simmering it in water for half an hour and store it the fridge for our porridge or winter bircher. Now I also steal a few pieces to put on my face.

Avocado is just the goodness, you really can’t bottle the nutrients and nourishing properties in a fresh avo. It moisturises and promotes moisture retention in the skin and these guys think so too. This is a big help when facing the big wide world.

Someone I know, a friend, ahem, whenever she cuts up avocado she keeps the tail ends to massage into her face. She may have failed at scaring her children, but she did take great joy in talking to the delivery guy with a straight (guacamole) face. However, this quince mask means you have to lie down. No walking around with this beauty, which is a shame, because I really think the mush brings out the colour in my eyes. Don’t you think?DIY hydrating mask | Blah Blah Magazine

Almond meal or ground almonds makes the mix pastey enough to stick and shares many of the benefits with sweet almond oil. I leave you with the 16th Century words of John Gerald: Almond oil makes smoothe thye hands and face of delicate person and cleanseth the skin of spots and pimples.

Why is it called smash and grab mask? Well, it would be more sensible to puree or mash the mix, but I was in the mood for whacking something with my wooden mallet, so I did.DIY hydrating mask | Blah Blah Magazine

Hydrating quince mask
A homemade hydrating mask, perfect for combating the winter wilt x
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  1. ½ quince, poached
  2. ¼ avocado
  3. 1-2 tablespoons almond meal
  4. 1 teaspoon sweet almond, macadamia or grapeseed oil
  5. 3 drops geranium (rebalancing), lavender (soothing) or orange (cleansing) essential oil
  6. 2 cucumber slices, optional
  7. Aloe vera gel, optional (for hydration and healing boost)
  8. Old hand towel
  1. Mash (or smash!) all the ingredients together in a big bowl.
  2. Wash your face and lie down in a warm and comfortable spot. Put on music or guided meditation, if it will help you relax, otherwise enjoy the sounds that come to you.
  3. Apply the aloe vera gel all over face (if using) and then the mask to the face. Using hands is easiest and wipe them on the old hand towel.
  4. Relax for 20-60 minutes. This can be surprisingly difficult sometimes, especially when we are used to running at a million miles an hour. The trick is to be prepared and focus on the sounds around you or your breathing and try to let your thoughts, annoyances or grievances drift away.
  5. Wipe the mask off into the bowl using the old hand towel.
  6. Rinse the face. Follow with toner (http://blahblahmagazine.com.au/homemade-toner/) and moisturiser.
  1. Note: repeat every week for a month and follow up monthly.
B l a h B l a h M a g a z i n e http://blahblahmagazine.com.au/
I’d love to hear how you go. How do you help yourself relax?

Bele x


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  1. I am going to try this!

  2. I’m sorry for your diagnosis, but at least now you have an explain ration and guidance in moving forward.

    This may sound strange, but I am beginning to believe that I have an autoimmune disorder. I have lots of symptoms, yet what is convincing me most is that I’m beginning to collect people, stories and articles about and with this condition. I did this same thing before my son was diagnosed with autism. Subconsciously, I knew and was researching. Still I’m nervous and afraid to see a doctor.

    I look forward to watching your journey unfold. xS

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