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DIY Photo Booth

Make a photo booth

by Cybele
I like having my photo taken about as much as listening to fingernails scraping on a blackboard, which is why when my lovely friend Namaste suggested a photo booth I seized it with both hands. A photo booth is a fantastic way to help everyone (aka me) relax, have a bit of fun and get some great shots of your nearest and dearest at parties or weddings.
I am so grateful to Namaste, because the photo booth ended up being one of my favourite parts of the wedding and completely distracted me from the fact I was having my photo taken. It also fitted in beautifully with the retro feel of the event that all started with the invites.
Namaste and I cut the props out of foam core (see tutorial below) and the background is just a calico drop sheet that I bought from the hardware store. The very talented Alex Craig  captured it all so beautifully in his gorgeous black and white photos.
To make the photo booth props you will need:
White foam core board
Thick black pen
1. Draw the outlines with thick black pen. We did sketches with pencil first. If you’re nervous about the drawing bits there are some great stencils on the internet that you can print out and trace. make a photo booth
2. Cut out the props with a scalpel. Make sure yours is really sharp. This took a bit of practice for a novice like me, but don’t worry they don’t need to be perfect!
3. Put skewers in the smaller items.
4. Mount on a board with sticky tac.
Cybele x

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  1. Your photo’s are fantastic and will make you laugh as you grow your life together.
    I went to a party recently where they had a photo booth. It was a lot of fun and I have to admit the more drinks that flowed, the funnier it got.
    Great idea!
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  2. Baby, great post, I forgot that you took all the photos of the ‘making’ part whilst in production. So many fun memories from that day…

    I might have to share the YouTube link for that one 😉


  3. Becc,
    Sounds like a great do x

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