DIY rose oil

Sometimes, it occurs to me that I’m not actually frolicking through rose gardens, picking beautiful blooms at whim. Reality can be a big shock for someone like me.

Yes, I spent way too much time reading The Secret Garden as a child and now spend way too much time on Pinterest.

At least my lavender ‘fields’ are available for frolicking, plucking, drying and making lavender oil (and five lavender shrubs count as ‘fields’ in my world).

Escapism is my friend.DIY Rose Oil | Blah Blah Magazine

Not all roses smell as sweet

Ever since this lavender post (Blah Blah’s very first post, back when I had blonde hair and no comment spam filter!) I’ve been meaning to do an infused rose oil and quite a few of you have been asking for this, lately.

I actually did a rose oil last year with my friend’s home grown roses. It smelled heavenly, but do you think I took any photos of those gorgeous blooms? Nope. None. And if it’s not on Instagram it didn’t happen.

I thought I could just do another batch with the rose petal tea purchased at my local Chinese supermarket. Nope. Not the same. It turns out if the dried petals don’t smell much the oil won’t smell much.

I realise this sounds obvious to a sensible person, but I persisted, because, well, because I’m, ahem, stubborn and I have to KNOW for sure.

I don’t like using the florist bought bunches of roses, because they’re often sprayed with all sorts of things. I have done it (after washing the petals) and it hasn’t killed me, but I prefer the spray-free ones now.

The long and the short is this infused rose oil recipe works with fragrant, spray-free rose petals and not much else. I think the same for making rose water.

The petals are best when dry or very wilted, because this means the water has evapourated, increasing the purity of oil extracted. This just means leaving fresh petals out on a tray for a day or two to wilt and dry a bit.

When choosing what oil to use as the base, think about what you would like to use the rose oil for. An infused oil like this can be mixed into body scrubs, hand creams, facial serums or used as is for massages. All of the oils listed in the recipe below are great for the skin.DIY Rose Oil | Blah Blah Magazine

Printable gift tag

We made a printable label or gift tag for you in case you’re making this for a gift (Mothers’ Day isn’t too far off – just saying). All you need to do is click on the link below, print on card stock, cut out and attach to the gift jar.

Blah Blah Magazine printable label or gift tag

DIY Rose Oil | Blah Blah MagazineThe two ways to make infused rose oil

The quick way to make rose oil is to use dried or very wilted rose petals and follow a similar method for this lemon oil post, but keep the heat down really low. In terms of quantities, the more rose petals the better, so long as the oil covers the petals. Cook until you’re happy with the fragrance, changing the petals if need be.

However, I think the fragrance is better quality from the slow method, so I tend to recommend the slow road.

The slow way, takes 3+ weeks and here is the recipe…


DIY Rose Oil
An easy way to make your own heaven-scented rose oil
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  1. Glass jar
  2. Lots of dried, spray-free rose petals
  3. Enough almond, sunflower, macadamia or grape seed oil to fill the jar
  4. Cheese cloth or muslin
  1. Fill the jar with rose petals
  2. Pour in oil until it covers the rose petals and put lid on
  3. Place in a spot out of direct sunlight. The ideal spot is a warm, dark cupboard.
  4. Gently turn or roll the jar every couple of days.
  5. Check the fragrance after 3 weeks. If you would like a stronger scent, strain the old petals and add more dried petals. Continue until you are happy with the fragrance.
  6. When happy with the fragrance, strain the oil through cheese cloth or muslin, pour into a jar, label with the date and ingredients.
  7. If using on the skin, always test on a discrete spot for allergies.
  8. Enjoy
B l a h B l a h M a g a z i n e

Blah Blah Magazine printable label or gift tag

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  1. This rose oil sounds divine, I so wish I had seen this before my diy spa party last week, it would have been perfect addition to my spa bar. Oh well, there’s always next time 😉 Also, I love the printable labels!

  2. I can practically smell that through my computer and it smells gooooood! Sometimes I have to remind myself when I buy wellies and baskets to garden in that I live in suburbia lol … but oh how I wish I have fields to frolic in 😉 xx

  3. I like escapism too. Lol
    I can just smell this and it just reminds me of my nan. I love rose scent for this exact reason and as I am freshly out (I like to add it to the vinegar in my laundry) this sounds like a great perfect! Such a clever clog x

  4. Beautiful stuff. I just never think to make my own things (I don’t tend to buy them either so I just don’t have them). I’m guessing you could use some older wilting roses for this? I’ve seen my elderly neighbour snip hers off when they start to fade – she has the most exquisite garden – perhaps I might ask her to save the tired ones for me and give this a go.

  5. Now I wish I had a rose garden. I wish someone would invent smell-a-vision! Wouldn’t that be nice?

  6. This looks amazing. I’ll have to try and get some roses off my folks to give it a try – I’m planning on making lots of DIY beauty things over Easter! xx

  7. I have such amazing memories of the over 100 yr old roses at my childhood home. A favourite smell- I am trying this one! xx

  8. Oh so simple, how is it I have never done this before? It’s getting close to the end of the rose season here in the UK, but I may be able to get some lovely blooms together and experiment…

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