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Driftwood place mat

Driftwood trivet

by Cybele
Trivet. I like the word. It’s kind of useless and sounds a bit silly – to triffic trivet or not to triffic trivet that is the question. Only people who write for homes magazines, and the like, would have any use for it, when ‘place mat thingy’ works just as well.
It’s funny how different tribes have words that sound like kooky jargon to everyone else. Plumbers are the worst. I once had to walk into a hardcore plumbing hardware store and ask the blokiest bloke behind the counter for two bibcock nipples. Really, they should be called ‘back of tap or faucet bit. Anyhow, I digress.
On our holiday we did a bit of foraging on the beach. Things to make with driftwoodCollecting shells with holes, pumice and driftwood. I have been pottering around making various things with our goodies.
Things to make with driftwoodI had seen the lovely Lisa’s driftwood weaving in her gorgeous magazine, Scout and I wanted to try it. I’m afraid mine is a bit more, well, rustic than hers, but I’m a bit in love with it and it’s a gorgeous reminder of where we were.

IngredientsThings to make with driftwood

Driftwood of a similar thickness or wooden dowel

InstructionsThings to make with driftwood

Snap the driftwood into similar lengths (or saw wooden dowel). Line the timber up all in a row. Weave the string under and over nice and tight. Finish at least two rows at each end.
Cybele x
What’s your favourite jargon?

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