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Easy bathroom updates

Love the Home You Have – day fourteen – bathroom

by Cybele
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The ideal bathroom makes us forget about all the bathroom business and reminds us that it is a little retreat from the world, a space to ourselves.
What are your relaxation triggers? The things that remind you of favourite holidays, nature or beauty. For me, a beautiful scent is important and some rocks from the beach Gordon proposed. What would remind you to relax and take a moment?
Write a list of things that you  love and any ideas that strike. Take photos.
If you have time for a project this week, choose one thing that is relatively easy to do over a couple of days and will make you smile when you see it.
Would a gorgeous new towel rail, another shelf, fitting thrift shop mirrors, painting the ceiling or adding some house plants really lift the space? Write a list of supplies for the project.



Last year I sorted out our first aid cabinet, which was very good and sensible of me. This year I want to sort out my beauty stuff. Now, that I’m slowly using up all the bought stuff and replacing it with homemade products my needs have changed. Bathroom-products-before
I also want to share my latest scientific research into homemade mould cleaners.

Bell x

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  1. You’re right about being able to make small and inexpensive changes in order to bring about an impressive result. We did that in one of our previous bathrooms to get it ready for sale and it made a huge difference x

  2. Plants! Why do I always forget that plants are such a great decorative feature that can lift any room? I really do need to get some more indoor plants for our house. 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

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