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Easy homemade handwash

They say you either have time or money. Sometimes we have neither or at least feel that way. Yup, that’s me right there.

It’s funny, because I have less time and less income than ever, but I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. It’s probably just the delirium of sleep deprivation, but if it isn’t then it’s a merry coincidence. Either way, I figure I better enjoy my luck while it lasts.
However, this lack of time and money presents some fun challenges and I find myself seeking out compromises and short cuts at every turn and some of them turn out better than the original.

Homemade handwash

You see, I made some moisturising handwash before and it’s very thrifty. I think it came in about 20 cents a bottle, but it is a bit fiddly and at the moment time is of the essence. This easy homemade hand wash is my happy compromise and if you made a huge batch of your own liquid Castile soap then it would end up even cheaper.
The gorgeous Wellness Mama has a hand wash recipe  However, I like to avoid mixing water into these things, as it has a tendency to separate unless you shake it on a regular basis and it can reduce shelf life. So this is my version.

Easy homemade hand wash ingredientsHomemade handwash

380 ml/ 14 fl oz pump bottle
1 ½ cup liquid Castile soap
1 tsp olive, macadamia or sweet almond oil
¼ tsp rosemary essential oil*
¼ tsp orange essential oil*
* Feel free to use your favourite essential oil or leave out if you’re avoiding essential oils in pregnancy.
To make the hand washHomemade handwash
Start with a sterilised or very clean pump bottle, pour in Castile soap, followed by all the oils. Put the lid on and spin the bottle upside down a couple of times and zippideedoodah you have a heaven-scented homemade hand wash for not much money.
As with all products, use in a discrete spot first to check for skin irritation.


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  1. What a lovely idea. What brand of liquid Castile soap do you use? The only kind I know of at my local grocery store is Dr. Bronner, which is about $16 a bottle, making your recipe come to $6 a bottle — not as affordable as what you seem to be using.


  2. Yes, that would make it expensive! Dr Bronners isn’t that common in Australia and our healthfood store sells a bulk one (with no visible brand) 5 litres (1.3 gallons) for $40, bringing it in about just over $2 a container. I also use it to make body wash and shampoo too. I’ll have a look into what I can find for the US.

    My other hand wash is very thrifty, particularly when I used lots of little bits of soap to make it, so it’s very hard to beat in terms of economy, but it does take a bit more time and ironically since we started using the liquid hand soap we weren’t left with any soap ends.
    I’ll have to get back to you about the Dr Bronners alternative x

  3. I have used a similar technique as your grated soap method and it had a strange, goopy consistency (granted, I’ve been using the same batch for about two years). That’s why I wanted to try this recent version of yours. Thanks for the tips.

  4. I just checked walmart and that soap is very expensive. they do have a gallon of unscented soap I will get with some essential oils. that little stuff adds up big time.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Yes, unfortunately, liquid castille soap is quite expensive in the US for some reason. It’s probably the only thing that’s cheaper in Australia! It sounds like you’re onto a good solution – these things really do add up. I’d love to hear how you go.

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