Engagement Gift

by Cybele

Notes on an engagement

I love proposal stories (and would love to hear yours). It’s fascinating how every proposal always seems completely appropriate for the couple, from popping the question on the couch at home to surprise sea plane flights to secret beaches with a fine dining table for two.
Gordon proposed to me on a boat on the beautiful Milford Sound, one of our favourite places in the world.
The lovely man that he is got down on bended knee and asked, ‘Will you marry me?’
‘Are you serious?’ I asked.
‘Yes, yes, I’m not kneeling down here for no reason.’
‘Oh, yes, yes, of course,’ I said and hugged the life out of him.
Given my response, I’m amazed he persisted, but somehow it captured us perfectly: the romantic and the mad scientist.

The engagement notebook

A couple of my friends recently got engaged and I wanted to give them something homemade and useful. When you’re preparing for a wedding it’s really handy to have a notebook to jot down ideas as they strike, pin fabric samples and paper swatches, particularly if it’s small enough to fit in your handbag.
I thought it would be fun to play around with the saying, Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Apparently, the advice was to help ward off the Evil Eye and it’s nasty habit of leaving brides barren. So, I might ignore that bit and focus on the fact it’s a cute saying.Engagement gift
Something old – a page from a pulp romance novel seemed perfect
Something new – the notebook
Something borrowed – the retro library card
Something blue – the bookmark ribbon

Ingredients for engagement gift bookEngagement gift

Calico or fabric for cover
Craft glue
Thick needle and thread
Yellow envelope
White card
Page from romance novel
Stamp or permanent marker
Pencil or tailor’s chalk

How to make engagement book

1. Using a ruler, mark up about one inch around the edges of the notebook.Engagement gift
2. Cut the fabric along the mark up lines and snip the corners on the diagonal to make folding easier.Engagement gift
3. Fold fabric to conceal edges, run glue along the edges of the book cover, press the fabric down on to glue and slide fingers along the edge to flatten the finish.Engagement gift
4. Attach the ribbon to the back cover of the book with glue (or stitch on).Engagement gift
5. Using a ruler to measure, mark the stitch points and stitch. Engagement gift
6. Glue book pages to the front page of the book, pressing down hard.Engagement gift
7. Cut one edge off the yellow envelope and glue to inside cover. Trim and insert white cardboard into envelope.Engagement gift
8. Stamp or write book ‘title’ on cover.Engagement gift

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