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My favourite healthy recipes

This weekend Gordon is on the television show Live Healthy, Be Happy  talking about how he lost 25 kilos by changing his lifestyle. It’s perfect timing, because we are on a health kick at the moment. Phew!

No Alcohol February

Every year we do NAF (no alcohol February) and do a health kick at the same time. Except for last year, we didn’t do our NAF because we were getting married at the start of March and there were Bucks parties, Hens parties and all that lah-de-dah. Needless to say, but I felt like a toxic lard waste dump at the end of the year.
The reason I think NAF works really well for me is because it seems to break the bad habits I get into over the festive season. So I can feel healthy and fit my clothes, without having to think about what I can and can’t eat all the time.  And yes, all these good intentions seem to disappear in December, but at least NAF puts me on the straight, but not so narrow, for ten months of the year.

The recipes

The most important thing to me is to eat delicious food, so I don’t notice the lack of second helpings and here are my top five healthy recipes for the NAF month (in no particular order).
1. Jill Dupleix’s super fresh Fish steak with zucchinis and herbs
2. Stone Soup’s Five tasty spice chicken salad
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3. A fancy Japanese style beef salad at What Katie Ate
4. Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters with zucchini salad
5. And last, but certainly not least, Gordo’s Thai style prawn salad

What do you do to keep healthy?
Cybele x

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