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Peppermint cream for dry feet

by Cybele
It’s so nice taking care of myself again. It feels like it’s been years. All the me stuff slipped away in the early years of parenthood. Somewhere between drinking cold tea, sleeplessness and the lovey-dovey new baby stuff, I forgot how therapeutic it is to take some time out. Now that I am fifteen weeks pregnant, I am hoping it won’t be as long between drinks this time. A girl can dream.

Some notes on the peppermint foot cream  recipe

 I made the foot cream as a gift to go with my peppermint crush foot scrub for the cuddle of mothers in my life, but I made it just how I like it. It is really minty and rich (I wander around barefoot a lot and get VERY dry feet), but I have to warn you the cream is a little eccentric and a tad moody, ahem, somewhat like its maker…
 Don’t get me wrong, it’s about the easiest lotion you can make, aside from this whipped coconut body butter. I’d like to try this other fancy pants recipe one day, but I wanted to ease myself back into moisturiser making world with something a bit easier.
 The recipe is based on lotions and potions I made when I was a beauty therapist, and the idiosyncrasies are partly because of its simplicity. Using coconut oil as I like to do makes it set pretty firm, so I have listed below with sweet almond or grape seed oil instead. You can overcome the firmness by whipping the cream as I did in a food processor. The lack of emulsifiers and preservatives mean that if it’s left in the sun or heat above 36 degrees Celsius or 97 degrees Fahrenheit it could melt. This is easy to fix by re-mixing and putting in the fridge, where it’ll set hard again.
If you’re pregnant, check with your doctor before using essential oils,* otherwise feel free to skip them in this recipe as I have designed the  foot cream so that it still works really well without the peppermint and tea tree essential oils. 
 Store it in a cool dark spot and if the weather is really heating up then pop it in the fridge and it’ll be tickety-boo.

 Ingredients for the foot cream recipe

 140g or 5 oz. cocoa butter (ideally pellets.) I used cocoa butter to create a choc-peppermint scent. However, you can use shea butter.
60g or 2 oz. sweet almond or grape seed oil
2 teaspoons peppermint essential oil
¼ teaspoon tea tree oil
Optional: 2 drops green food colouring
Sterilised jars
Good electronic scales (sadly, the ones in my picture are not accurate enough)
Mix master, Kitchen Aid or hand blender

How to make the peppermint foot cream

1. Melt the cocoa butter over a medium-low heat until melted. I would not recommend the microwave for this one, because the uneven heating could cause problems.
2. Mix in all the other ingredients. If you’re adding food colouring and it doesn’t disperse straightaway, don’t worry it will do once the mix has cooled to room temperature and been whisked.
3. To make a cream allow the mixture to cool at room temperature or in the fridge if you’re in a hurry.
4. If you would like a fluffier texture, you can whisk the solidified potion in a mix master, Kitchen Aid or with a hand blender. It should only take a few minutes. 5. Bottle and label with the date made and a note to store below 36 degrees Celsius or 97 degrees Fahrenheit and out of the sun.
If you liked the look of this recipe, please feel free to share, tweet, link or all of the above ; )
Cybele x
How does your family like to celebrate Mothers’ Day?

The problem is that there have been very few official studies into the impact of essential oils on pregnancy and there is a lot of conflicting information with what oils can and cannot be used in pregnancy, which is why I think it is something that you and your doctor will have to decide what is appropriate for you.

It is interesting to note that the FDA has listed a lot of the essential oils as safe to eat as food additives on their big list

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  1. What a gorgeous blog! I so get what you mean about the years of self neglect. I am only now feeling like a normal person with my 6 and 3 yr old! The foot scrub looks amazing and although it may sit on my to do list a while I might give it a whirl.

  2. What a gorgeous gift! peppermint on the feet is so cooling for those dry heels. I love the smell also. I’m going to share this with a friend who loves to make her own. Thanks for sharing you knowledge.
    Congratulations too – I think this time around you will be more aware of taking some time for you. I know I was

    Visiting from Blogs and PR

  3. Is it wrong that I want to eat this?? And no I’m not having a weird pregnancy urge, 3 is TOTALLY enough for this ducky! A massive congrats on your baby news, it’s so much easier the second time around) Emily – visiting via TUST for Blogs and PR

  4. Congratulations, Cybele! That is wonderful ride. Here’s to a boring and self-nurturing pregnancy!

  5. Firstly: congratulations! Secondly, I’m so glad I found your blog via FLBF. I’m going to make this cream, not as a gift but for myself 😉 I’m heading off on a tropical holiday in August and usually let my poor feet go over winter. This will keep them sandal-ready

  6. My feet are very neglected (because they are easy to hide if necessary). This sounds too good for my feet!! Better to eat!

  7. Congratulations!
    What a lovely idea. I always use peppermint on my feet (that is when I get around to looking after me). It is the most soothing feeling.
    It’s nice to throw on a pair of socks afterwards, sit back and let the healing begin 🙂
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  8. Thank you so much for mentioning my solid lotion bars! Love your recipe!

  9. How much does this recipe yield? I am going to try it out and I would like enough to make 4 small jars for some friends.

    • Hi, this should make about 7.5oz or 210g, so you may need to treble the recipe. When I’m giving it as a gift I tend not to use coconut oil, but use grapeseed, sweet almond, macadamia, or olive oil, because it will make the cream softer. If you particularly like the idea of coconut just let your friends know that they will need to warm it up in their hands.

  10. This looks fantastic! Quick question – after you melt the cocoa butter pellets, do you remove from heat before adding in the other ingredients? Or do you mix them over heat? Thanks!

    • Good question. I just realised that’s not very clear in my notes and I need to change that, so thank you for letting me know. I take it off the heat, but leave in the hot water ‘bath’. I hope this helps. I’d love to hear how you go and any tips. Thanks, Bele

  11. Hello
    I have followed recipe accurately and let cool to room temp on the bench. How long do you have to whisk till it turns to cream.
    Should it solidify before you whisk and should I put it in the fridge to do this

    • Hi Jennifer, The whisking is optional, depending on the texture you’re after. You can use it as is or put it in the fridge and whisk it. This gives it a fluffier texture. I hope this helps

  12. what r the peppermint benefits, can I substitute it with spearmint, will it be as good?

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