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Garden tipi for toddlers

I had a grand plan to build a ginormous tipi, like the lovely folks at Milkwood did, to grow beans over to go with our homemade toadstool. Like lots of things in this home, it didn’t quite happen like it does on Pinterest. Our nine lengths of bamboo weren’t three metre lengths, all we had were some 1.5 metre garden stakes. Anyway we persisted, because Mr 4YO and I have the unfortunate habit of ploughing on.

We plotted out the area we would need to clear for the base and surrounding garden bed by pushing the stakes into the soil on an angle and evenly spaced.Tipi

Just to make sure it really would work, we tied the top.
Mr 4YO stood under it and said, ‘Wow, it really is like a tent. Nearly.’Tipi

I explained that we would take it down, make a garden bed around it, rebuild it, plant the seeds and watch the beans grow up the poles. In summer there would be a tipi to play in, just like the pretty ones I’d seen on Pinterest (I probably didn’t say the last bit).

‘Why can’t we have a tipi now?’

‘We have to wait for the plants to grow.’

‘Why do we have to wait for the plants to grow?’

‘Because plants need time to grow.’

He went off to find his fire fighter helmet – the reason he insists on wearing red at the moment.Tipi

Waiting, schmating, indeed.

While he was off rescuing pretend cats from trees, I cut two hessian sacks (that I’d cheekily asked for at the local cafe) along the seam on one side.Tipi

And snipped off the tops.Tipi

Slipped the sacks over the top and tied them on.Tipi

‘It’s a real tent!’ Mr 4YO said and was so excited he had to show his brother the inside. They had secret business, apparently, and I wasn’t allowed in, but I couldn’t resist taking a photo because it was just too cute and I wanted to remember this.Tipi

I wonder if we’ll get around to growing beans? TipiMaybe if I distract them with a swing…

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  1. Commendable effort! Boys are better than beans anyways. x

  2. That is a great tent! My boys would love one of those in the garden. I do love the bean one also but similarly it has never eventuated 🙂

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