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All Hallows’ Eve (aka Halloween)

I love a good pagan festival and All Hallow’s Evening is one of my favourites. It’s so ancient scholars can’t even agree on exactly how it started, but it is pretty safe to say that its origin is in the European Harvest festivals.
One of the most convincing links is the  Celtic festival Samhain, apparently pronounced sow-in (another strategy to confuse the English?) Samhain was the night when the door to the otherworld opened, releasing fairies, souls of the dead and friends.
In true Irish hospitality, the living would invite their dead kin to feast tables and the nervous could disguise themselves in the hope that vengeful aunt Bertha’s soul might not recognise them. People would also go around before nightfall to collect Samhain treats and the household could expect good fortune by giving the visitors food.
Turnip lanterns, sometimes with faces carved into them, were made to light the way and/or to protect oneself and one’s home from the spirits.
It was the sensible immigrants to North American who switched from carving turnips to the native pumpkins, because they’re bigger and softer to carve than the mighty turnip.
Next year, I might give turnip carving a go, but this year Lady Pumpkinhead will be protecting us from vengeful aunt Bertha’s soul… DIY Halloween Pumpkin | Blah Blah Magazine

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