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The hanging garden of kitchen herbs

Day 14 – 30 Days to Love the Home You Have

by Cybele
It is the last day of kitchens and usually at this point I say, treat yourself to flowers and take lots of pics. Yes, take lots of photos, but in the kitchen I  think a pot of herbs is gorgeous, useful and will save you quite a bit of money.

My hanging kitchen herb garden

As I mentioned earlier, I have been collecting the old food tins this week to build my mighty herb garden with. One thing worth mentioning is the choice of can opener. To reuse these tins I used my golden oldie can opener (pictured below), because the newer ‘magi-can’ style leaves a sharp edge around the top.

What you will needIngredients copy

To make the hanging herb garden

1. Hammer the holes under the top lip of the tin. I started with a fine nail, followed with a chunky one
Hammer nail copy
2. Put gravel or rocks in the bottom
Rocks in bottom copy
Or cut the base off the plastic potCut off bottom copy
Put it upside down at the base of the tinDrain in pot copy
3. Place plant inside pot and sprinkle with potting mix
4. Thread the strong string or wire through both holes of the bottom tin, measure the distance between. Thread the string through the next holes and tie a knot at the measured distance. Do the same for the third pot.
Tie in knots copy
5. Water the plants
6. And hang…Herb 2
Enjoy your lovely kitchen and see you tomorrow as we kick off bathrooms.
Cybele x

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