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Happy anniversary kid(ney)

Warning: This post isn’t funny. Most aren’t but this one is particularly not. 

What did you rely on to get through the day today? Caffeine? Wine? Illicit drugs? Whatever gets you through the day, there’s a bunch of stuff that you probably didn’t think of, such as:

  • Your lungs compelled your muscles to draw in oxygen through your nose and mouth
  • Your heart pumped blood around your body all day
  • Your kidneys filtered the blood and ensure all your blood pressure, water balance and PH levels are balanced

Unless, of course, you are my partner, who relies on someone else’s kidney to keep things ticking over. It was 8 years this week that a series of unfortunate events for someone else triggered a phone call which changed two people’s lives. Two people who will no longer need to be hooked up to a machine which filters their blood for 5 hours a day. Two people who had an operation which changed their lives. Two people who still to this day send each other postcards on the anniversary – kidney to kidney.

So, to celebrate, we went to our lovely friend’s beautiful, harbour-side garden and had a picnic watching the sunset. As tempted as I was, I ruled out several kidney related meal choices and instead opted to go with a gourmet picnic. I explained the occasion to the wonderful people at The Sydney Picnic Co and they put together the most amazing beautifully decorated and delicious basket of food we could have asked for. Filled our bellies and put a smile on our faces (how’s Hello Kidney as a brand extension for the famous Japanese feline?).

And to the family of the person who lost their life, thank you and know that your loved one’s kidney has gone to a much loved and grateful home. If you’re keen to ensure your organs keep living on in someone who is desperate to keep living on, go to DonateLife (for NSW residents – FYI NSW has the lowest donation rates in the country).


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  1. Excellent piece I actually know the receipient and it has changed her life completely. She can now carry on with her love of life, travel and bringing smiles to all around her. Happy Anniversary Kidney xx

  2. And may the kidney have many more anniversaries x

  3. Hey lady, lovely post. I only discovered your blogginess today. Timing amazeballs as my sister with this week be under going surgery to donate her kidney to her 4 year old daughter.
    Sending love.
    Amber x

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