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Where home organisation starts

Day 5 – Love the Home You Have & a Landing area

by Cybele

Here is another day to work on your project that you decided to do way back on Day 1. If you’ve already finished? Well that deserves a gin and tonic…
In the meantime, I would like to discuss the home landing area – the place where everyone puts their things when they walk in the door. Apologies for the awkward name, it’s just that our friends in the porn industry seem to have taken over the term ‘landing strip’ to refer to a bikini line that is somewhat similar to Charlie Chaplin’s approach to having a beard. Anyway, I digress.

A streamlined arrival

The landing area is one of the most important organisational points in the home. It’s the point of arrival for most paperwork in the home and can determine if departures run on time. As a single lady, I never had to think too much about it, because I would hang my handbag on a hook, put my phone on charge, open up mail, put half of it in the recycling and the other half on my desk. Simple.

The not so streamlined arrival

Enter a bloke, who doesn’t have the benefit of a handbag. My particular species of male has an allergic response to opening official looking mail for him, so it tends to accumulate. The sunglasses might come off near the door, keys are often found outside the bathroom, wallet is most likely to come out on the couch as it annoys him when he sits down and now when the phones go on charge it looks like a telephone exchange. I feel like the nasty witch following Hansel and Gretel’s crumbs, I can see his movements through the house.
However, our front door opens into the kitchen and if he were to put things in one spot, it would probably be on the bench and there is nothing quite like giving your valuables a splattering of curry.

What do we need?

A spot to charge the phones, so the cords don’t end up looking like spaghetti
A place for a wallet
Hooks for keys
Sunglasses nook
A handbag hook
Mail spot

Hidden is prettier and more secure

If you want everything out of sight or live in an area where it’s not a great idea to have all your valuables visible, then the concealed cabinets work really well. From the front they look like an artwork or mirror with a chunky frame, hiding all your treasures out of sight and mind.
The problem for me is that the visual reminder should help make the landing area work and one advantage of having a revolving door type home is that it seems confuse potential thieves.

What I did

On Saturday, I had a poke around the markets and thrift shops, because I wanted a box I could hang on the wall, drill a hole in the back and mount above the power point to be the phone recharger port. Also to be fitted with some pretty hooks to hang keys from. I thought a miniature wooden trunk or chest would be great for wallets and sunglasses. Instead I found this:Wooden organiser
I drilled a hole in the back to fit the phone charger cable,drill
Painted it with chalkboard paint so that I could label the nooks. Sadly, I didn’t find any hooks that I liked, but ended up using some cute nails, which I am happy with. The sunglasses we just hook over the side – gold!DSC_2004
Amazingly, this little wooden sorter has worked for almost everything and with a hook on the back of the door for my handbag we now have all that stuff off the kitchen bench.
Giddy up! I think I’ve just sorted one of life’s little niggles.
Cybele x

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  1. I do love you and loved the detailed instructional this morning darling…how could I possibly miss that this was done just to specifically ‘order’ me…

  2. mmm, like the idea of a box! Good excuse to hit the garage sales x

    • mmm… garage sales! Some of my fave purchases ever have been made at garage sales. The good thing is if the box is a good shape, but not great looking, a quick coat of paint does wonders x

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