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Home spa pedicure and cuticle oil recipe

The pedicure

by Cybele
I love having my feet done, even though my ridiculously long toes provide a great source of amusement in such situations. There’s nothing quite like having a room full of women chortling at your toes. A man once told me that I would have a really long schlong if I was a guy, because of how long my toes are. I was more chuffed about this idea than I should’ve been.
Anyhow, enough about my ET-phone-home-toes. The big dilemma in my life is that my pedicure place now does acrylic nails and I can’t stand the smell, especially since getting knocked up, so I have vowed to do it myself. This will also help with Savings Plan 101. I can buy a kitchen cabinet with the money saved over the year. That now totals two kitchen cabinets, considering the one I can buy since making my own face scrub. Winning!
The trick is to store everything you need together, so that you can whip it out when the little ones are tucked in bed or you get a rare moment to yourself. That way all you need to do is fill the bucket with water.

For a home spa pedicure you will need:

  • Nail polish remover (shellac will need a special remover) and cotton pads
  • Cuticle Oil – coconut, avocado or olive oils work really well, but I have a recipe below if you feel like getting fancy
  • Tub with warm water. Put some river pebbles in the bottom, they feel awesome (I ‘loaned’ the ones from my pot plant)
  • Foot scrub and pumice stone or something similar
  • Towel
  • Nail scissors or maybe even those mean looking toenail pliers
  • Nail file (the metal files are great for longevity, but are prone to splitting the nail)
  • Cuticle stick (the wooden ones with the angled tip)
  • Cuticle trimmer/nipper – optional. My beauty therapy teacher thought these made cuticles grow back stronger, but I’m not so sure. Just use them with extreme care and keep them ridiculously clean – swab with alcohol wipes or tea tree before and after
  • Moisturiser
  • Nail polish or rub the cuticle oil into the nail for a subtle shine
1. Remove Old Nail Polish Soak the pad in the remover and hold against the nail for a couple of seconds before wiping.
2. Rub cuticle oil in around the base of the nail
3. Soak Your Feet in the tub and roll the stones around with your tootsies – heaven!
4. Scrub with a foot scrub and a pumice stone, paying special attention to the heals. Rinse and dry when you’re done.
5. Clip and Shape Nails
6. Tackle Your Cuticles
and push overgrown cuticles back into place before trimming them.
7. Trim Excess Skin
8. Moisturise
9. Slather on a coat of rich moisturiser and give your feet a mini-massage. As one lovely reader reminded me, this is the moment to put on a pair of socks and let the moisturiser do its business. However, if the polish cannot wait, then wipe any lotion off your nails before applying polish.
10. Polish
11. Choose a fab nail color and apply two even coats to each nail. I would strongly recommend you check out Nail Romance for advice in these matters. The lovely Christina has everything covered.

The cuticle oil recipe

1 tablespoon Avocado oil
1 tablespoon Wheat germ oil
5 drops vitamin E oil
10 drops Lemon essential oil *
10 drops Lavender essential oil*
You can also use this on your fingernails every couple of days, if you really want them to grow long and strong.
*If you’re pregnant, check with your doctor before using essential oils or feel free to skip them in this recipe as I have designed the cuticle oil so that it still works really well without. The problem is that there have been very few studies into the impact of essential oils on pregnancy and there is a lot of conflicting information with what oils can and cannot be used in pregnancy, which is why I think it is something that you and your doctor will have to decide what is appropriate for you. It is interesting to note that the FDA has listed a lot of the essential oils as safe to eat as food additives.
Is it just me or do other people have a funny relationship with their feet?

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