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Homemade air freshener

Rosemary & lemon air freshener

by Cybele
Where would a bathroom be without a bit fragrance to help it along in life?
First up, it’s a good idea to sneak a little dish of baking soda or bicarbonate soda somewhere if you can. It is great at absorbing smells, however the humidity in most bathrooms means that it needs to be changed every couple of weeks. Next, if you have the space, a reed diffuser is ideal, as it keeps the room consistently smelling good.
Last, but certainly not least, an air freshener spray will remedy most of the realities of life. I love the fresh combination of lemon and rosemary. They both have antibacterial properties too. Feel free to use your favourite essential oil blend, although I would avoid eucalyptus, because of its solvent properties.
The basic principle is 10 drops of essential oil and 2 drops of dish washing liquid/detergent for every 250ml of water, with an optional splash of vodka thrown in. The detergent helps distribute the oil and the vodka keeps the blend fresh for longer.


Lemon essential oil or this lemon oil
Rosemary essential oil
Dish washing liquid or detergent
Vodka (optional)
Water (preferably boiled water that had cooled down)
Spray bottle

The recipe

In a  1/2 litre or 1 pint spray bottle mix 20 drops of lemon essential oil, 15 drops of rosemary essential oil, 4 drops of dish washing detergent, 2 cups of water and a splash of vodka or other alcohol if you like. Lightly shake the bottle to mix (not too hard or you’ll end up in a froth.) Label with a note to ‘shake before use’ and put a best by date of a year, although mine is always used up in a couple of months.
Cybele x

Air freshener

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